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Your Favorite Gaming Console/Handheld
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Started by FancyPants
09 Jul 2013 20:26
FancyPants (303)
09 Jul 2013 20:30
This is what I think:

Wii U > PS4 > 3DS/3DS XL > Wii > Xbox 360 > PSP > Nintendo 64 > Gamecube > PS3 > PS2 > Everything Else On Earth > Poop > Xbox One
I'm back, I guess. Whatever.
banjo2 (3375)
01 May 2018 05:40
Rip the Xbox One

But the only console/handheld that I know even exists is the Switch
Gemini Guardian (2550)
07 Sep 2018 20:27
Wii U over PS4? h

Console is PS3 and handheld GBA h
Feel free to berate me, if honesty seems like such a wonderful thing.
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