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locked Started by Raisons du Coeur
24 Mar 2014 12:11
Raisons du Coeur (1521)
24 Mar 2014 12:13
Apparently nothing at all has been happening, as can be seen by the very few and infrequent threads in current events.

Why is this? Why has stuff stopped happening? Is there anything we can do to change this, and if so, what?

Raisons du Coeur (1521)
24 Mar 2014 12:17
This is just an early and largely unsupported theory, but I believe we may have fallen into some sort of rift in space and time. We must have hit it during all those wrong turns you often see in history classes.

Another idea is that perhaps a time worm has eaten up all of our time, and thus dropped us into a hole from which we cannot escape, thereby preventing time from marching forward and allowing things to continue to happen. I call this theory the "Worm Hole" theory.

Anyone else have any ideas?
Limxzero (5320)
24 Mar 2014 15:16
The boards have been in a slow funk for a while, and posting in Current Events requires a little more thought than other boards. If the lack of activity bothers you, try your hand at starting a new discussion! But keep in mind we really don't want this board to be used for attempts at humour. Thanks.
Catch my drift.
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