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Started by pikachulover123
24 Feb 2015 22:32
pikachulover123 (5)
24 Feb 2015 22:34
my favorite is Zapdos,lucario,pikachu and pichu
not tellin
Luisjo96 (3155)
09 Mar 2015 20:09
This thread too probably
but anyways

I mean, I'd just put some outdated meme here but does anyone honestly cares?
Aleena123 (18)
24 Mar 2016 01:47
My fave is definitely Weavile. Sooo happy it got into Pokken!
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bocaj47 (11)
05 Jun 2016 04:52
My favourite pokêmon? He he. MEGA RIACHU! lel. Seriously, probably cindaquil.
Luisjo96 (3155)
11 Jul 2016 02:21
I mean, I'd just put some outdated meme here but does anyone honestly cares?
Skeptical (609)
20 Oct 2018 01:26
Does Kirby count as a pokémon?
mm2wood will come and find you
acidAPPLE (128)
28 Oct 2018 22:04
The distinguished JonahBrake2 spake:
Does Kirby count as a pokémon?

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Gemini Guardian (2567)
08 Feb 2019 19:50
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Draconid_Jo (32)
17 Jul 2019 02:45
I'd say Mega Rayquaza (or even regular Rayquaza, if Megas don.t count), although Garchomp, Blastoise, and Dragonite are VERY close contenders.

I also really like Giratina (especially Origin Forme), Kyurem (all of it's Forms), Zygarde (especially it's Complete Forme), and Necrozma (mainly Ultra Necrozma, but the others are cool, as well), as well as Gyarados, and most of the Pseudo-Legendary Dragons
(Including Tyranitar).

Oh yeah!

All of the Fossil Pokémon are also really cool (especially Tyrantrum), as well as those based off of Animals I like.
(Sharpedo, Feraligatr, Kingdra, and Relicanth, just to name a few.)
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jaketheguy (32)
03 Sep 2019 00:36
I LIKE MEW! Mew is cute
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