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First New Topic in a Year
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Started by Raisons du Coeur
14 Jul 2015 00:10
Raisons du Coeur (1521)
14 Jul 2015 00:12
My goodness! Teens having kids is the first new topic we've had in current events in a year! And accompanied by a second topic talking about the addition to boot. How does everyone feel about it?
HullBreach (860)
27 Jul 2015 12:04
Teens are stupid. I know because I was one once.
I'm predestined to have free will.
Luisjo96 (3152)
04 Aug 2015 09:47
Magnificent words of our lord hull.
I mean, I'd just put some outdated meme here but does anyone honestly cares?
Raisons du Coeur (1521)
05 Aug 2015 00:31
Isn't that only enough information to confirm a certain breacher of hulls may have not been the sharpest knife in the burgler kit during his teen years? I imagine it takes at least a couple more teen lives to make a general statement about them. Maybe some sort of teen-life-taker machine could collect all the info for us and then we could analyze it? That sounds interesting to me.
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