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Pokemon Sun & Moon
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Started by Limxzero
17 Oct 2016 15:53
Limxzero (5321)
17 Oct 2016 16:07
The seventh, yes seventh, generation set in tropical Alola is almost upon us. Some of the new features are Alola forms, Z-Moves, the Rotom Pokedex, and Ultra Beasts.

Sun and Moon release on 18 November (November 23 for EU), and the eShop demo is available 18 October.
Catch my drift.
Limxzero (5321)
06 Jun 2017 21:08
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! New Pokemon, storyline, and features coming 17 November.
Catch my drift.
Gemini Guardian (2567)
24 Dec 2018 21:17
I can't decide between this and Pokémon X & Y to get for the 3DS e
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Draconid_Jo (32)
17 Jul 2019 02:52
Well, this is kind of pointless now, as you've already decided now, but I figured I should say this about the Alola Games:

They are VERY different from previous Gen Pokémon Games.

There are no Gyms, no Field Moves, no Bicycle, and even no National Pokédex.

While that might sound really weird (or even really bad), IMO, they are still VERY good Pokémon Games, just somewhat unconventional, that's all.

Think about how different Colosseum and XD were, and you'll sort of get the idea.
(They are NOT similar to those Games, however.)
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