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Started by Dedode
03 Jul 2019 15:38
Dedode (303)
03 Jul 2019 15:45
I think the lack of good animations and graphics is an issue since they announced that half the dex was removed. It would be understandable if they had 1000+ models to animate.
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Dedode (303)
03 Jul 2019 15:53
Also Dynamax is meh. At first i liked it.
You picked the wrong house, fool
Limxzero (5321)
08 Jul 2019 14:51
Sadly it's a matter of Game Freak having the wrong priorities. I don't see improved graphic fidelity and giant Pokemon models being worth it when you consider a limited Dex and shorter development time. It was a mistake to remove the National Pokedex in Generation VII and subsequent games. At the very least, re-brand it, or in the case of Sword and Shield, preserve its integrity with lower quality models from the 3DS. Maybe Masuda has a change of heart and pushes Sword and Shield's release date to 2020. Or work hard on a big game update! Fans would respect that. This controversy takes the Pokemon series in an unfortunate direction, but in the end, it is what it is, and I'm sure it will not stop me from playing Sword/Shield.
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Draconid_Jo (32)
17 Jul 2019 02:36
Well, IMO, the main things that make a good Pokémon Game, are Good New Pokémon, Good New Features, Good New Characters, and Good New Moves/Held Items/Abilities etc., in that order.

I agree about the removal of the National Pokédex, but in the grand scheme of things, I'd say it's pretty minor.

I don't yet know if they re-added Triple Battles (and Rotation Battles, for that matter) or not, but IMO, that's WAY more important than whether or not they re-added the National Pokédex.

Also, they need to keep in mind that a lot of people have favorite Pokémon that come from prior Generations.

When they added Mega Evolution, they made sure to keep this in mind (although IMO, they should've continued to add more Mega Evolutions in Gen 7, and Gen 8, as well), but with Z-Powers, they didn't do that good of a job at that IMO.

With this "Dynamax" thing, HOPEFULLY they will keep this in mind, and add some special transformations for older Pokémon, as well.

Then again, in all likelihood, the next Games released will be the Sinnoh Remakes, and they might be waiting till those are out for a lot of that sort of stuff.
(It'll be interesting to see how they handle the National Pokédex in those, as it DID exist in the original Sinnoh Games.)
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