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Worst game you ever bought
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Started by Xlt888
17 May 2010 02:16
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Xlt888 (7)
17 May 2010 02:18
You know the game that looks good on the back of the box but is horrible when you play it. Tell me yours.
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Tigus1 (539)
17 May 2010 03:44
I dont buy bad games...EVER!
Every game i buy is good!
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Annie01 (1320)
17 May 2010 06:29
I didn't buy It I got it for Christmad this year from my grandma. High School Musical Dance party. I gave it to the poor.
I'm back :O
AgentZ56 (626)
17 May 2010 20:46
I take into consideration what the game is and do some research before I actually buy it. That way, I never have to worry about being stuck with a bad game. Which is exactly why Nintendogs is the worst game I ever bought, so I sold it. bwahahaha
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LucarioMario (292)
17 May 2010 22:54
Cars for the Wii. I got it for Christmas and it's the WORST thing I've ever played. Cars for the Gameboy. I may have gotten it for either Christmas or my birthday. The graphics are horrible and the gameplay is awful (As with every Gameboy game made by Disney), but I actually beat the game out of pure boredom. And finally, Sonic and the Secret Rings. I really only liked the parts you go incredibly fast on.

I am proud to say every game made by Nintendo that I have was worth it.
17 May 2010 23:58
Rampage: Total Destruction.
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007Jesse (104)
18 May 2010 04:31
Hmmm, does DSiWare work? hated MySims Camara.
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Annie01 (1320)
18 May 2010 05:02
Best game made... MarioKart and NHL 10
I'm back :O
Akamia (793)
18 May 2010 12:00
I enjoyed every game I own. Read my "Video games I own" blog to see all the games I have. Please don't complain about "fail games" there, 'cause I'll delete such comments.
XxEmoNinjaxX (1743)
20 May 2010 00:00
My Sims Kingdom for the ds. it is totally different from da wii version. and the graphics r bad. it sucks
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Savy66706 (4)
20 May 2010 03:52
worst game ever: Hobbit for ps2 or ps1 [ forgot which game system ]
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LucarioMario (292)
27 May 2010 21:38
Thank goodness I don't have an Xbox 360.
triforce catcher (131)
28 May 2010 03:07
worst game for me would be warioware snapped i blend in with our walls. thats a free 500 pts i'll never get back.
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Myst64 (59)
29 May 2010 04:32
Lost Magic
great graphics
great storyline
impossible to beat
magic useing fail. it took to long
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Echo Reaper (2)
29 May 2010 17:06
Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. It just sucks. I really wanted to enjoy this game... I really did. I tried really hard to enjoy Sonic's next gen debut. But the game kept missing at all sides except for the music (mild by my standards). Tons of unfair deaths, bad level design, painfuly long loading screens and even more ridicously slow side characters, this game is the most, flat-out worst game I've ever played... and Drawn to Life sucks too.
Firestar (263)
01 Jun 2010 06:37
gh5 worst guitar hero game ever.
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Shiver (54)
03 Jun 2010 23:56
Lienel Trains for DSi. It sucked really bad. 10 thumbs DOWN!
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Zuperzonic (1207)
03 Jun 2010 23:58
Warioware Snapped for Dsiware D:
Say Whaa???
06 Jun 2010 03:45
I hate Movie-based videogames. They all suck. And EA Games suck too. (At least on the DS). Never cared much for Sims2 Castaway.
I try to stick to the originals, like Mario, Zelda, and Sonic.
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John Freeman (20)
10 Jun 2010 06:20
The Little Mermaid on the PC. It was the oldschool pixely one that my older sister used to play. Ursula still gives me nightmares.
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