Playable Characters

Arianwyn - Shapeshifter
Hallowed ore given life

During the Silver Rain, a chunk of Hephaestusite collided with the Yggdrasil, bringing it to life. Arianwyn was the sentience to emerge from the event.

Brenda Marja - Paladin

Princess of a destroyed kingdom
Brenda is the last of survivor of the her elfin royal family. A massacre by the gods left their castle in shambles. To keep her remaining kingdom safe, she joins the party. She and Jasper originally clash, due to her being a "royal" pain and him being a lazy bum, but their relationship evolves into something more.

Buford - Goon
Snow giant with no manners

He comes from Joetunheim, leaving his home after the gods melt the mountains of snow in search for Hoedr. His immense strength helps the party pass through many treacherous circumstances.

Hockfin Ehler - Thief
Orphan, brother of Olivia

When traveling to Halvera, Hockfin steals all of Jasper's inventory in a cave. After he discovers Jasper's past when holding up the viking doll and mocking Jasper, he feels incredible guilt and returns the items. He originally joins the party just to not be alone. Over time, his goal changes when he finds that a god killed his sister while searching for Hoedr.

Jasper Olmar - Foundling
Troubled youth, Orphan, Lives with grandfather in Bryn

He sets out on his quest to break the barrier in the mine, after his grandfather, Andren, is seriously injured, and many miners are killed. On his quest, he finds that he has become part of a bigger picture.

Minco - Tribal Hunter
Chief of a Sakari tribe
After his family is caught in the crossfire of warring gods, he offers to join the party in hopes that his tribe will once again be safe. Minco is the only Sakari who has learned the tongue of man.

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Playable Characters
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Supporting Characters

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