The story begins on this continent, which is inhabited by mortal humans. To the north is Bryn, high in the North Range. To the south is Shadow Fjord. To the west is Jarr. Halvera sits in the center of the continent, hidden by a valley.

A mountain village to the southwest of Bryn, Berit was once in competition with Bryn for mining. It is also the closest village to Bryn on the continent, along the same mountain range. Many of the buildings have been left derelict after the mine closed and villagers move elsewhere for work. Descendants of the founding family still reside in a large manor in the center of town. A few retired workers remained in their houses to the south of the village. The only way to reach Berit is through a winding path up the mountainside.

A small mining village, remotely located in the mountains, Bryn has a main south entrance and a path to the mine to the north. Many of the buildings are constructed right into the mountainside. The central region of Bryn is a flat area where the city has a water well, fed by an underground stream.

The mine to the north has a main south entrance and a few small tunnels leading to exterior cwms. The mine itself is composed of many large chambers, the deepest of which leads to a vein of ore.

Jasper, the first member of the party, lives here with his grandfather Ardren.

A kingdom-turned-democracy that has flourished for hundreds of years in peace, Halvera can only be reached through a cave that connects the rest of the continent to the isolated valley. Halvera has relatively flat land inside the city limits with a brook running through the down center, from the Castle Belmeir to the north. Due to isolation, there are no fortified walls to the village, so open entrances exist on all sides except the north, where a small path leads to the castle.

A bustling fishing village with many festivities, Jarr has a port to the west and a main entrance to the east.

The Olmer Farm
Although the old farm of Jasper's family was once very active along the path of traders between Bryn, Berit, and Halvera, it now lays dormant. Weeds have taken over the fields; spider webs and mold permeate the interior of the farmhouse. The barn where cows and horses once lived has fully collapsed, leaving nothing but rubble.

Shadow Fjord
This village sits at the southern tip of the continent, enshrouded by overhang of cliffs that lead to a river delta. Unless one comes by boat or descends the rock wall, the city is very easy to miss. In the past, it was a stop-off point for vikings to drink ale during heavy storms before continuing onto their pillages.

The continent is inhabited by the elven race. They are slightly shorter than humans and have pointy ears. Elves have learned to live as one with nature, dwelling among both the treetops and the forest floor.

An eerie sea fortress that is well-guarded with crushing waves, this small island city has high walls that are not penetrable by ship. It lies near the coast of the Elfheim mainland, in the domain of Jormungandr. The only way inside is through the massive gate.

Jormungandr has been seen off the coast of this bay, where the city of Kolga resides. A few fishing cottages sit along the shore, but fear of Jormungandr has driven away most inhabitants.

A Mystic Shrine believed to bring Youth and Good-Fortune to those who worship there, Eldunn lies deep in the foliage of the Elfheim rain forest. Few, outside the elven mages, have ventured to these depths.

The forest kingdom of the elves, Brenda dwells here as princess. Elmyira was founded eons ago. The ancient and massive forest was all planted by the first elves, who were nomads at the time.

This is the home continent if the giants, both rock giants and frost giants.

A town etched into a sooty volcanic mountain that hasn't erupted in over 10,000 years, this is the dwelling of the rock giants.

This land is home of the gods.

This bridge connects Midgard to Asgard. It's the final path to be taken by the party to return Hoedr.

The Ragnarok takes place on this open field, a desolate continent.

This needs to be worked into a continent for the battle arena:

Mt. Hildar
This ancient city was one home to numerous gladiatorial fights. Now left in ruins from an eons-old attack, the city has been reborn with modern fighters and traders taking up roots to meet.

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