STORY: The Massacre at Bryn

The sun had set on the land of Mannheim. Inhabitants across the small continent, from Shadow Fjord to Halvera, could see the oil lantern lights emanating from the city of Bryn, high in the North Mountains. For the most part, this hazy glow is the villagers preparing for bed. Just barely visible beyond the village and higher into the mountain fog is another faint glow, which originates in the Bryn Ore Mine. The miners of Bryn run shifts around the clock, extracting metallic ores for trade. Without the non-stop labor, this small city would fail.

The foreman of the mine, Andren Olmar, is an elderly man, full white beard and pot-bellied physique. He has been working the mine from the days of a journeyman, when he journeyed from Jarr to start a new life. He assumed his present roll over after a devastating and horrific cave-in left many villagers doubting the future of Bryn’s local economy. The city, lacking a foreman and a team with the courage to get off their feet and start over amid their colleagues’ deaths, soon had the driving force needed to once again succeed. Olmar is a renowned orator a dedicated worker. His drive spread to his team. After many years, the efficiency and productivity of the local enterprise became the envy of competitors across the continent. Eventually, Bryn had the only active mine remaining.

Over the years, Olmar had encountered many dangerous situations that required quick action to save lives. Under his leadership, no workers had ever been lost to the wrath of nature. Yet with all his on-the-job training, nothing could prepare him for what was about to happen…

Olmar just finishes unloading a cart of rocks at the mine’s entrance with two members of his crew, when he catches a twinkle of a bright star in the sky. He thinks nothing of it, picks up his lantern, and proceeds to push the cart back inside the mine. The workers take no notice and walk into the mine ahead of him. He hears a faint high-pitched whistle and turns around. The star looks brighter than it did just a moment ago. Maybe it’s just his imagination. Now nearly inside the mine, he continues to push the cart onward. He hears the whistling noise again. An eerie glow reflects off the mine cart rails and seems to intensify by the second. All alone now, he begins to worry and turns around once again to see what he thought was the shooting star heading right for him. Is it a meteor? As the whistle turns to a roar, he dives to the side, crashing into a wooden support beam, with the lantern rolling to the side and flickering dark. The intense white light zooms by him, crashing into the mine cart. Now in a daze and suffering burns from the heat, Olmar sees both the light and the cart streak their way into the mine, lighting a path into its depths. The luminance and the sound eventually fade. His vision begins to blur, and the room goes into a spin. All, for him, goes dark.

Olmar awakens in a sweat, his vision beginning to once again focus. The intense volume has temporarily deafened his hearing. With the rush of adrenaline gone, he now feels the pain of the burns and stumbles to a standing position, looking down the main entrance tunnel. He grabs his lantern to see that it has been irreparably damaged; it is of no use. He can see another faintly illuminated lantern on its side, partway down the tunnel, just before the mine forks into its various paths. Olmar proceeds toward it then lifts it to view his surroundings. He catches a glimpse of someone lying against the cave wall, not breathing. On bringing the light closer, Olmar sees the man’s skin is scorched to the point that one could hardly tell the individual was human. He gasps in horror and stumbles backward, tripping over a rock and falling against the opposite wall. But that wasn’t a rock; it was a shoe. Another of the workers has been burnt to a crisp by the heat of this... whatever it is. Does it really matter what it is? It has taken lives – the first ever under the foreman’s watch. The matter of importance now is search and rescue. There must be survivors!

From the depths of the mine come reverberations of low rumbles. Olmar’s hearing is slowly returning. He stands and proceeds deeper into the mine, down the path to the left. As the muffled ringing of his ears fades, he can discern ethereal roars and the screeching of mine workers. Faint flashes of light reflect off the walls at the back of the tunnel. What is causing this? Who, maybe? Olmar grabs a nearby shovel and runs toward the sounds, hoping to ward off whatever or whoever is causing this massacre.

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