STORY: Jasper's Childhood

Jasper is a troubled youth. He witnessed the murder of his parents as a young child, and that has haunted him to this day. Two thieves stormed into his family’s farmhouse near Halvera late one night. While Jasper’s father tried to hold the men back, his mother ran to the other end of the house, where she grabbed Jasper and his favorite stuffed Viking doll from his bed and hid them under a trapdoor in the floor, which led to the main crawlspace. The men had no idea Jasper was there, but he could see them clearly through the cracks in the floorboards, after following the sounds of the scuffling above. The men apparently wanted something. They mentioned it by name, but young Jasper had never heard the word or, possibly, could just not hear it clearly. When Jasper’s father was either unwilling or unable to hand over what the thieves wanted, one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the stomach. He fell to his knees, holding his abdomen in pain, as blood quickly covered his shirt. Jasper’s mother charged into the room, pushing the man and knocking him against the wall. The man’s elbow hit the wall, jerking his hand open, causing the knife to fall to the floor. She then leaned for Jasper’s father to try helping him. The second thief pulled a knife from his pants and thrusted the knife into her upper back, right through her spine. She immediately fell backwards, landing on the floor with a thud, right above where Jasper was watching below. The thieves fled, leaving Jasper all alone… in tears… with no one to help him.

Luckily a trader named Helmer, who was journeying from Jarr to Bryn, by way of Halvera, stopped by the house early the next morning to pick up routine supplies for his traveling shop. Otherwise, Jasper would not have been found. He was still sobbing in the crawlspace at daybreak, clutching his Viking doll. When the thieves left, they neglected to close the front door, so Helmer was able to see the bodies on the floor. He entered the house to investigate and could hear Jasper. It took several hours of coaxing, but Jasper finally emerged. What a great coincidence it was that Helmer was heading to Bryn where Jasper had family!

The after effects of this terrible incident live with Jasper to this day. He is always in emotional turmoil. Aside his grandfather and from the kinship he has built with Helmer over the years, Jasper has never trusted anyone. He is even distant with his own grandfather at times. Jasper has been known as an unruly troublemaker – and that’s on the good days! Some blame Andren’s busy work schedule and lack of disciplining of his grandson. Whatever the cause, no one ever speaks up because all in Bryn feel sorry for Jasper.

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