STORY: Jasper's Childhood 2

Jasper received the Viking doll from his mother around the age of three. The day had no significance: It wasn’t his birthday or any other day of celebration; she just wanted him to have it. She made it for him in her little free time, using materials from around their property. She gave the doll to him wrapped in an old shirt, of which some of the fabric was integrated into the doll itself.

He would go everywhere with that doll, never leaving it out of his sight. It came to hold a special meaning to him. It may have been because his parents were not wealthy enough to afford many toys for him from skilled craftsmen, so he cherished what little he had.

Jasper still remembers that terrible night. He was sound asleep in bed. His mother awakened him in tears. She was the most scared he had ever seen her. She grabbed him from bed with one arm and the Viking doll with the other arm.

Then came the strangest thing: Jasper’s parents had told him numerous times as a small child to stay away from the trapdoor in the hallway floor. They did not want him to fall into the crawlspace… yet there she was lifting the door and placing Jasper into the crawlspace. He looked up, still with tired eyes, expecting her to climb in after him. Instead, she looked at him a moment, in tears… not budging. She held up the Viking doll, and then moved out of view for a moment. What was she doing? She leaned back over the trapdoor, and handed the doll to Jasper. The crawlspace darkened as the door closed. Jasper could hear the sobbing of his mother fade as she stood and left the area.

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STORY: Jasper's Childhood
STORY: Jasper's Childhood 2
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