Released Content

Teaser 1
This served as the initial unveiling of TMJ as a new project and invited interest members to take part.

Teaser 2 (30 Aug 2009)
This demonstrated an early scrolling engine and basic game premise with in-game level graphics.

Teaser 3 (4 Oct 2009)
This introduced viewers to the original Jasper and Brenda sprites and an early Bryn tile set. After a brief demo, players could interact with Jasper.

NPC Test
This showed a few sprites walking around a room in random motions.

Mt. Hilder (30 Dec 2009)
This was the first truly interactive demo. In it, players could choose a sprite and explore the Mt. Hildar coliseum. They could see other players and chat with them.

Massacre on Bryn (Feb 2010)
This was a snippet of the opening sequence as a novelization.

Minco Says (7 Feb 2010)
This Simon clone is hosted by Minco (original sprite) and features a high score board.

Yortzee (8 Mar 2010)
This Yahtzee clone is hosted by Yorick (original sprite) and features a high score board.

April Fool! (1 Apr 2010)
Minco tricked you into thinking the game came out.

PvP Demo (3 Apr 2010)
Two players can choose sprites and take part in a mock battle that demonstrates the battle system.

TMJ Tiler
This utility allows the creation of tiles and grouping them into albums to help those who would like to make artwork and only have access to a Nintendo 3DS to do so.

Shop of Old Man Skunk (Teaser 4)
A new NPC joined the scene: Old Man Skunk. In his shop members could buy or sell inventory that will be usable to craft goods in the final game. Additionally, members started to receive daily items from OMS into their account inventories.

Teaser 5
This cinema sequence shows the story from Norse mythology about the death of Baldur. This event is one of the primary backstories of TMJ.

Teaser 6 (31 Aug 2012)
This cinema sequence shows the murder of Jasper's parents by two thieves who are seeking a magical rock.

Character Profiles (20 Sep 2012)
This page provides a quick glimpse at all the characters involved in the game.

Beastiary (22 Sep 2012)
This page provides a quick glimpse at all the enemies involved in the game.

Demo 7 - 1P Battles (31 Oct 2012)
Fight against random enemies.

Demo 8 - NPC Chat (30 Dec 2012)
Wander the Olmar farm to chat with NPCs.

Demo 9 - Bryn (10 Feb 2013)
Wander the entrance to Bryn to chat with NPCs.

Group Pages
Book of Spells ■ Elements
Character Inspirations
DOC: Battle Damage
DOC: Cinema Engine
DOC: Level-Up Math
LEVEL: Castle Belmeir
LEVEL: Elmyira
LEVEL: Halvera
LEVEL: Olmer Farm
LEVEL: Vigrid
Mt. Hildar Coliseum
Playable Characters
PROFILE: Brenda Marja
PROFILE: Didrik and Hans
PROFILE: Hockfin Ehler
PROFILE: Old Man Skunk
PROFILE: Yorick and Gefjun Olmar
Released Content
SCRIPT: Berit, Jasper Searches for Help
SCRIPT: Elmyira, Brenda Joins Party
SCRIPT: Halvera, Jasper and Hockfin Meet with Helmer
SCRIPT: Járr, Party Meets the Fishermen
STORY: Jasper's Childhood
STORY: Jasper's Childhood 2
STORY: The Massacre at Bryn
Supporting Characters

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