PROFILE: Yorick and Gefjun Olmar

Yorick Olmar

Gefjun Olmar

Yorick and Gefjun raise their only son, Jasper, on their farm. There is nothing extraordinary about their lives until they hear a meteor crash into their field one night. They go to the impact site to find a small rock, which is already cool to the touch. They take this meteorite inside their farmhouse to examine it, where the surface seems to flow like water under the lantern light of their kitchen. It emits a slight hum, which resonates with the flickering of the candlelight. A curiosity like this baffles them, so the next day, they travel to Halvera to speak with traders, who may know more about the rock. No one is able to help.

Just weeks after the meteorite discovery, two thieves, Didrik and Hans, break into the Olmar's farmhouse. They demand to be handed the rock. The scuffle leaves Yorick and Gerjun dead and the rock missing. Young Jasper is hidden in the crawlspace, where a trader named Helmer discovers him. Helmer takes Jasper to Bryn, where family lives.

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Book of Spells ■ Elements
Character Inspirations
DOC: Battle Damage
DOC: Cinema Engine
DOC: Level-Up Math
LEVEL: Castle Belmeir
LEVEL: Elmyira
LEVEL: Halvera
LEVEL: Olmer Farm
LEVEL: Vigrid
Mt. Hildar Coliseum
Playable Characters
PROFILE: Brenda Marja
PROFILE: Didrik and Hans
PROFILE: Hockfin Ehler
PROFILE: Old Man Skunk
PROFILE: Yorick and Gefjun Olmar
Released Content
SCRIPT: Berit, Jasper Searches for Help
SCRIPT: Elmyira, Brenda Joins Party
SCRIPT: Halvera, Jasper and Hockfin Meet with Helmer
SCRIPT: Járr, Party Meets the Fishermen
STORY: Jasper's Childhood
STORY: Jasper's Childhood 2
STORY: The Massacre at Bryn
Supporting Characters

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