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8•Elements ¤
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★[QUAKE]— The restless Earth violently breaks open smashing those upon its erupting soil. Element: Earth

★[GLACIER]— A frigid floating mountain of the sea brings freezing demise as it crushes your existence. Element: Ice

★[INFERNO]— Exploding flames from within the Earth's veins sear forth, easily cooking all to a crisp. Element: Fire

★[FLOOD]— Immense pressure equalling the Ocean depths engulf your being untill the spirit and fire within are drowned. Element: Water

★[ENSHROUD]— Piercing Light bursts the color from your skin, blinding you from the mysterious doom lurking behind the rays. Element: Light

★[DEATH]— A evil wish which causes cells inside the body to mysteriously shut down from within. The resulting terror experienced by victim is tremendous. Element: Dark

★[STREAK]— Bright ribbons of energy shatter the sky, chasing the victim with incredible impact at unmatched speed. Element: Thunder

★[STORM]— A dangerous wind gusts at breakneck velocity vaulting bodys into the heavens, the resulting fall is a painless splatter. Element: Wind

**NOTE** Playable Characters (aswell as Enemy) are vulnerable at a % to these ailments caused by suffering damage from respective spells. The %chance of Character status affliction vary among Enemys. In turn, Enemy status infliction is also dependent on the respective Character's attributes*

◆[POISON]— HP Loss at end of party's turn. Healing HP DISABLED untill the Poison is Cured. Status will remain in effect even after the battle concludes

◆[BURN]— HP Loss following the party turn. HP healing ability is NOT AFFECTED. Burn Status is diminished after the battle's end

◆[SOAKED]— Speed attribute is sharply reduced due to becoming bogged down by Water weight. Character will continue to suffer untill Dried, or the battle has concluded

◆[BLIND]— Accuracy is sharply declined. Enemy selection is disrupted and may become difficult to execute as planned. Status remains untill givin Shade or battle is finished

◆[FEAR]— ATK PWR and or DEF is drastically reduced as the victim loses all confidence while struggling with their fright. Status remains untill Eased, or all opposing enemys are defeated effectively ending the battle

◆[PLUMMIT]— An unexpected wind drags you up high and drops you without any hesitation. Victim loses 2 turns following contact, cannot be damaged during lost turns, however player will suffer ULTRA HP LOSS from the fall back to battle. Status cannot be treated. Victim is spared if battle ends during their fall time

◆[CUBED]— Paralysis induced from lack of bodily heat. Leaves victim incapable of any action untill Thawed, or battle ends

◆[SPASM]— Electrical distress causes a Loss of 2 turns. Status remains untill treated or battle completes


☆[CURE]— Detoxify poisonous effects that plague the body.

☆[HEAL]— Recover Lost HP. This ability is disabled when suffering specific status ailments.

☆[RELIEVE]— A rare healing technique known to only worthy travelers. Recovers all negative status effects (except Plummit). Does not replenish lost HP.

☆[REBORN]— An art that resurrects a fallen ally. Can only be learned by enabled characters. USES HIGH MP.

☆[SHADE]— Relieves Blind status caused by Light attacks.

☆[EASE]— Comforting counseling offered to those suffering from Fear induced nightmares brought forth by Dark forces.

☆[DRY]— An absorbent technique necessary to escape being impeded from resisting liquid.

☆[THAW]— A heated procedure used to treat those frigid bones suffering Ice damage.


●[INJECT]¬(Poison)— A toxic injection, delivers a strong poisonous substance into the bloodstream

●[TOAST]¬(Burn)— A ball of rising flames that spits through the air with impressive precision

●[SPRAY]¬(Soaked)— A wave of bullets formed by water pierce the flesh submerging it in immense pain

●[FLASH]¬(Blind)— A painfully bright emission of Light burning all who take witness

●[CURSE]¬(Fear)— Sinister words that when spoken cause misfortune and decay. Its sickness will quickly consume the mind

●[BLOW]¬(Plummit)— A forceful wind lifts & drops you for HIGH HP LOSS

●[FREEZE]¬(Cubed)— Arctic Icing constricts all life in the body

●[ZAP]¬(Spasm)— Repeated electrical disturbances disrupt your biology in a spectacular & dangerous energy dance

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Book of Spells ■ Elements
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