PROFILE: Hockfin Ehler

After Hockfin's mother died and father abandoned him, he and his older sister, Olivia, had to fend for themselves. At first, they would beg for food from merchants to survive. When this didn't meet their needs, they started stealing a loaf of bread here, a fruit there. Eventually, they survived as all-out thieves. During their later childhood years, Hockfin and Olivia made a living in thievery. They would steal expensive jewelry or other high-end goods to sell for income.

During one coordinated raid on a wealthy baron, Hockfin fell from a tree that grew near the mansion's window. He sustained a fracture but had to run into the woods to wait for Olivia. This ordeal left him with a crooked leg and a permanent limp.

One horrible night, Olivia was killed when trying to escape from a house. The owner hit her with a crossbow in the front yard, killing her instantly. From that day onward, Hockfin has fended for himself.

He mostly spends his him in the cave near Halvera, picking off goods from travelers in the darkness. They never see him and don't realize they are missing anything until it's too late. He finally gets caught one day when Jasper falls victim but tracks down the elusive Hockfin.

A friendship evolved from their initial adversarial encounter. Both were orphans, and Hockfin saw a kindered soul in this. He evolves over time from a loner to a team player. His bond with his team becomes so close that he would lay down his life for any of them.

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PROFILE: Hockfin Ehler
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