SCRIPT: Berit, Jasper Searches for Help

(Copied and pasted from what I sent Danny. He asked me to make this after I asked to help)

This is purely dialogue. I will expand on the story you sent me later if that is what you would like me to do.
The dialogue picks up right after, ďJasper knocks again, just in case the owner couldnít hear the first time.Ē
Characters: Jasper

Jasper: I guess thereís nobody home. I expected more people living in Berit.

-Realizing that there is nobody living in this home, Jasper turns to leave. As he does, he spies a lone villager across the street, staring at him.-

Villager: Been a while since anybody decided to stroll through these parts. Anything in particular youíre looking for, stranger?

-Wary of the man in front of him, Jasper does not immediately answer.-

Villager: Now I canít help you if you donít talk to me, son. Are you gonna let me help you or not?

Jasper: Yeah, I suppose you can. Iím looking for someone.

Villager: That doesnít help me son. Who exactly are you looking for?

Jasper: Well, Iím looking for someone who can help my grandfather. He has been injured and is in need of an elixir.

Villager: *laughs*

Villager: Not sure if youíve noticed, son, but there arenít many people around here. Matter of fact, Iím the only one actually living in this place!

Jasper: The only one? Whereís everyone else?

Villager: Youíre not serious, are you? Surely you know of the villageís history.

Jasper: I know that Berit and Bryn were once competitors in the ore trade. I also know that Bryn won out over Berit.

Villager: But do you know why, son?

Jasper: Because we were able to manufacture at a faster rate?

Villager: *laughs*

Villager: Is that what they told you?
Jasper: Thatís not what happened?

Villager: Thereís a lot more to the story than just that son. You see, itís true that Bryn manufactured ore faster than Berit, but that lone wasnít enough to cause the complete down fall of this village. No, Bryn was definitely in it to win, so they tried every underhanded tactic they could.

Jasper: What is that supposed to mean?

Villager: It means that raids were ordered on our shipments, workers would go missing in the middle of the night. Things like that. Ultimately, the village was losing too much and we shut down our mine.

Jasper: And thatís when everyone started leaving?

Villager: Pretty much. With the villageís main source of income shut down, there was nothing else for the families to do. Iím the only one who stuck around.

Jasper: Why?

Villager: Iím not sure. Maybe Iím just too stubborn to move out, or maybe I just like how quiet it is around here. Shopkeepers come through here every so often, and I hunt the wildlife outside of the village, so thereís no reason for me to really leave.

Jasper: And youíve never thought of leaving?

Villager: No, I guess I havenít.

Jasper: Ö

Jasper: Well then, I can assume that I wonít find any help in this village then?

Villager: Afraid so, son. However, you might have more luck in Halvera.
Jasper: Whereís that?

Villager: Itís the next town over. You just stay on the path out of Berit and you should be there in no time at all.

Jasper: Thanks.

Villager: Donít mention it.

*Villager turns to walk away*

Jasper: Hey, wait!

Villager: Yes?

Jasper: I never got your name.

Villager: Ö

Villager: Mason.

Jasper: Mason, huh? Well, thanks.

*Jasper leaves*


-Also, Old Man Skunk script if you want to add him to the town.-

Jasper: Wait, what are you doing here? Mason told me that he was the only on in this town!

OMS: I donít know what youíre rambling on about. Either stop yapping and buy something, or get off my lawn!

Jasper: Uh, alright thenÖ


There. This is a first draft, so if you want me to make any changes, feel free to tell me.

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