LEVEL: Castle Belmeir

Halvera Castle is a relic from the old days of the monarchy, before the government transformed into a democracy. The castle now serves as the dwelling for the elected leader, still called the king or queen.

The castle has a decorative moat and bridge, but they have no protective function, since the access is open to all citizens for tours and public meetings.

The castle is in the northernmost part of a valley that lies within a circular mountain range that engulfs both the castle itself and the city. A river flows from the mountains, into the city. It provides water to the inhabitants, the stream for the moat, and another small stream that actually flows through the castle itself, in the basement.

The throne room serves as the office for the elected offician, and the royal rooms have become meeting rooms for aides. There are several bedrooms, restrooms, a kitchen, and other rooms that are expected of a dwelling. These lie on two floors. An unused dungeon exists in the basement, along with storage rooms and a wine cellar.

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LEVEL: Castle Belmeir
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