SCRIPT: Elmyira, Brenda Joins Party

[Jasper, Hockfin, and Hoedr walk ashore after landing their boat]

Jasper: Looks like we made it, but just where are we?

Hockfin: I don't know.. Hold on, is that smoke?

Jasper: I don't see anything.

Hoedr: Must be his "theif's eyes."

[Hockfin, choosing to ignore that comment, sniffs the air]

Hockfin: Hmm.. I smell.. burning wood, and..-

Jasper: What is it boy? Charlie's in the old well?

[Hockfin and Hoedr both glare at him]

Hoedr: What's wrong, Hockfin?

Hockfin: I smell blood, and lots.

Jasper: We should go check it out. People might be in trouble.

Hockfin: It's not our place to help them.

Hoedr: Yes it is, now let's go.

[The gang starts to walk into the woods]

Jasper: Where did you learn those tracking skills?

Hockfin: My sister and I taught ourselves so we could steal efficiently.

[Hoedr stops]

Hoedr: You hear that too?

Hockfin: Of course.

Jasper: It sounds like.. crying.

[Brenda walks onto the scene, stumbling and crying]

[Jasper and Hockfin look at each other and raise their eyebrows]

Hoedr: Are you okay?


[Brenda lashes out with a hidden dagger]

Hoedr: It's alright miss, can you tell us what happened?

Brenda: You- You're one of them. Die!

[Brenda throws a dagger at Hoedr, but Jasper jumps in front of Hoedr, Jasper falls to the ground.]

Hockfin: Stop!

[Hockfin holds a dagger to Brenda's neck]

Hockfin: Enough. We will tell you our story, but then you will tell us yours.

[Screen fades and changes to the group sitting around the campfire, Jasper is still unconscious]

Brenda: I see. Your quest is a noble cause indeed. Now I will tell you my story. You see, we live in the elven village of Elmyira. Or should I say, we used to live there. My family and I were enjoying a quiet supper until we felt the earth shake. My parents and I ran into the woods. Then, I turned back and did not see my parents. Instead, I saw the twisted face of a god. In that moment, I knew that the gods we worshipped and told legends of had turned against us. Behind him was the once great haven of Elmyira. He told me I was the last one, and I ran. I ran as long as I could. This all happened last night.

Hockfin: I can tell you're lying.

Brenda: Wha- How?

Hockfin: It doesn't matter, now tell us the truth.

Brenda: Fine.. I am a princess, in the small kingdom of Elmyira. After the so-called 'gods' attacked, my parents went to fight. They told me to hide, but I knew I could fight as well as them. I secretly followed them outside the save haven of the hidden castle. One of the gods saw me following my parents and attacked me. My father and mother blocked the blow.. with their bodies. The life had left their bodies before they had hit the ground. I tried to run back into the hidden castle, behind the waterfall, but another god grabbed me and tried to take an axe to my head. I escaped and ran, but they no longer cared about me, I showed them the location of the castle, they had more innocent elves to slaughter, so their bloodlust led them to forget about me.. I ran for a whole night before you found me.

[Brenda wipes a tear from her eye as Hockfin looks at Hoedr and nods]
Hoedr: I see. I am truly sorry, though as you already know, none of this is my fault.

Brenda: Do not fool yourself, you have not gained my trust yet.

Hockfin: I should go tend to Jasper's wounds.

Brenda: It is alright. I'll do it.

[Hockfin nods as Brenda kneels next to Jasper, treating his wounds. Jasper wakes up and sees Brenda]

Jasper: Oh, um..

[Both Brenda and Jasper blush]

Hockfin: Jasper, Brenda, get up!

[A god walks onto the scene and a battle ensues]


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