☆The New Rulers of SDK☆

You've arrived at The New Rulers of SDK! The owner of this group is TRINSTER.

Haha. I bet I made you click my username. It isn't a link. lol

I hope you have fun. One day, this group will be at the top of the leader boards! We are currently rank 12 on the leaderboards with 168 members. Yay! We're finally past 150 members! :O We've almost beaten the FancyClan. We need to beat that group and we only have a couple more member to do it, so help and find any new members. If you find some, contact me anyway you like(via message, profile comment, etc.).

Most things are allowed. But some things aren't, so make sure you read the rules so that you won't get in trouble.

If a group member has a background request, I will be willing to change it. Just let me know.

If you are not in this group and you would like to be, you may contact me in any way you wish(messaging is preferred tho, if you can ).

Group last updated on 11/30/17.
*This group may very well undergo a large update very soon*

Group Pages
-Ep- Hermione Granger
-Ep- Random Group Firsts
-Ep- Random Quotes That Don't Make Sense
-Ex- Awesome Bank
-Ex- Awesomeness Points
-Ex- Jobs
-Ex- Page Categorization
-Ex- Prison
-Ex- Rank Up!
-Ex- Rules
-Im- News Gallery
-Im- UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Mp- AcidApple's Page
-Mp- AssassinKitten's Page
-Mp- cutie4's spectacular page that she paid 5aps for
-O- Ranks
-S- Anthony's Shop

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