★Creator: Thorzan (BlueCore)★

This group is for anyone to join and it's a group that is sure to rise past other group's ranks if we forever strive and fight towards that goal. I made this group mainly so that I could have a place where people can meet and chat about things and have fun while doing it. I hope you guys have fun in the group!

Group Question

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How Group Questions Work:

I will ask a question and you guys will answer it in the shoutbox. I will change it every now and then. Sometimes it's based off of things I particularly like and sometimes it's off of things that you guys like. Feel free to give me suggestions for new questions via message.


My Youtube: BlueCore's Youtube

My Profile: ★☆BlueCore☆★


If you have any suggestions or people that you want added in, message me.

Group Last Updated:

April 18th, 2016

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★☆ S T A Y B L U E ☆★

Have Fun!!

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