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'/help' Chat Command Clean-Up
Avatar By LaZerWoLF
31 Jan 2017 06:31
Category: Other
I request someone clean out the commands in the chatrooms.

Admins listed that are disabled need to be removed from '/adminlist'.

And the '/help' command has a few things on it that are no longer in existence and need to be removed from the list.

This issue is not massively important, but in the end, it will lessen the amount of inquiries to the Help Desk from newer users who don't know the full story.

Status: Open
Avatar LaZerWoLF
at 08 Feb 2017 03:22

Like, it kinda represents information that helps no one if they are inactive.
Avatar Icarus
at 07 Feb 2017 15:09
Again, sounds good to me. And the adminlist one has actually been bugging me forever.
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