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Log of Current Bugs Since January's Database Migration
Avatar By LaZerWoLF
13 Jul 2017 23:13
Category: Bug Report
As most of you know, the websites for SDK have been bugged up for the past seven months.

Here's what needs to be fixed:

- Friend Activities on both DSi and 3DSPaint's Home Page is not working and are always blank.
- Friend Lists aren't much better, they always show an 'Offline' status.
- Savii Slots on 3DSPaint has a glitch where it just keeps spinning.
- Member Birthdays is gone off of the 3DSPaint Home Page and does not work on the DSiPaint Home Page.
- I've been told the Help Desk isn't showing alerts for the administrators, so help can't really be received unless they actually open the Help Desk.
- Dark Mode makes it hard to see text in the Notifications section on 3DSPaint when enabled.
- Game Shows are apparently also broken.
- "/adminlist" function still shows deleted accounts and needs to be cleaned out.

There might be some others, but these are the real major ones.
Status: Resolved
Avatar HullBreach
at 15 Jul 2017 18:31
Everything has been resolved except for Dark Mode - which is still a work in progress with the UI. Game Shows were a hack done in a single everything, and there are no plans to resolve them. I’m closing this Helpdesk item. We can always open a new one with another checklist.
Avatar LaZerWoLF
at 15 Jul 2017 17:54
Thank you, Hull!

Really appreciate you taking the time to further examine these bugs!
Avatar HullBreach
at 15 Jul 2017 17:53
Savii Slots is working again.
Avatar HullBreach
at 15 Jul 2017 17:24
I’ve looked into a few of these. The birthdays section only shows if there are actually birthdays for that day be members who have logged in over the past month. I’ve expanded this timeframe to the last year so that more show.

The Friend Activities and Friend Lists seem to be working, but they are only set up show activity over the past 30 minutes. I’ll look further into this.

I’ll check out the issues with the games.
Avatar LaZerWoLF
at 14 Jul 2017 03:32
Turns out Minco Says also doesn't work.

Got 1,480 points and still didn't get my badge.
Avatar LaZerWoLF
at 13 Jul 2017 23:16
Also, in Affiliate Links, apparently, SocialNeko is no longer active. Might need to remove that.
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