Friend can't log in
Avatar By Darkstarm
10 Dec 2017 05:42
Category: Bug Report
I convinced a friend of mine to sign up so we can talk in a group. For some reason, the password he made for his new account won't work and he's locked out of his new account. Typing his email into lost password doesn't work either. (returning an "Invalid verification parameters") If the site requires a confirmation email, he never got one. His username is BlurryAlpha if it matters any.
Status: Resolved
Avatar oswaldo123
at 10 Dec 2017 06:19
This also happened to a friend of mine who couldn't sign in with the correct login information. It was in fact because you have to confirm an e-mail sent to him. I'm not sure why he wouldn't get it, maybe check the spam folder or something. If that doesn't work create a new account with a different e-mail and also check the inbox and spam folder for the e-mail. comment on my profile or somethig if you have any further questions. Hope this helped.
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