New admin power...?
Avatar By banjo2
30 Nov -0001 00:00
Category: Other
So, last night, I was looking at the admin list in the chat, and I notice "Star Shadow (14)". It was 13, before. If I remember correctly, there are only 13 powers, plus Placebo, Twiiter, and Overlord. Twiiter and Placebo are only counted in Ninja, I think. If you fo /adminlist in Ninja, Star Shadow has 15 powers, as does MysticalZoey, but MysticalZoey has 13 in main chats.

I know it's all a bit confusing, but, could someone please give me an explanation for this 14th power in main chats?
Status: Resolved
Avatar banjo2
at 05 Oct 2018 20:18
In all, seriousness, though, if this is an IP-banning power, that'd be great. We could use it for repeating bots and trolls.
Avatar banjo2
at 04 Oct 2018 15:16
doctor who in real
Avatar PieIsCool
at 04 Oct 2018 15:14
It's the new Time Travel power, it's supposed to be top secret but now it's kinda broken (as you can see from the helpdisk dates), so now we're stuck in the past and present all in the same moment.
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