Display newer figure tags on DSiPaint
Avatar By banjo2
09 Oct 2018 20:47
Category: Request
So, the image uploader has been removed from DSiPaint, and that's alright I guess, since you can't upload on the official DSi Browser anyways.

But, I would love it if figure tags would automatically use 3dspaint.com (when using [FIGURE XXXX], rather than trying to use your *current* site. Post-6500~ tags appear as "thumb" in a box. It's a hassle to edit the address, and sometimes navigate to the page again, just to see an image. It's especially a hassle for lists of images.

Before you say, "Don't use a DSi" or "Use 3DSPaint", just know that we (not just I) have our reasons. And, is it really that hard to change it so it always tries 3dspaint.com for embedded tags? Thanks.
Status: Resolved
Avatar banjo2
at 14 Dec 2018 06:39
Thank you so much, this is a lot to me.
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