X buttons broke
Avatar By acidAPPLE
23 Feb 2019 16:22
Category: Bug Report
I'm on here on a 2ds. and the buttons to delete a notification aren't showing up, and it's a problem when I'm getting notifications that don't go away, like a profile comment or friend request. It's working fine on dsi and pc, but 2ds is just nope.
Status: Open
Avatar Divine Crusader
at 31 Mar 2019 19:48
Hey Acid

Are you still having this issue ?
Avatar PieIsCool
at 12 Mar 2019 18:18
Has this been resolved yet? :V
Avatar TulipsOfLove
at 24 Feb 2019 00:51
Hull should be working on fixing this tomorrow
Avatar TulipsOfLove
at 24 Feb 2019 00:41
Forwarded this to Hullbreach. Thank you for reporting.
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