Separate Coding Box for Profiles
Avatar By Rlad116
08 Apr 2019 21:02
Category: New Feature
Dsi and 3ds have Max character limits for textareas and me being terrible at programming reaches that limit. I would like there to be a sperate coding box for those who are still on the original devices.
Status: Resolved
Avatar HullBreach
at 19 May 2019 23:42
Avatar TulipsOfLove
at 11 Apr 2019 14:02
I agree with this 100%
Avatar Rlad116
at 10 Apr 2019 04:04
"As an extension to what Rlad116 is saying in another question, could we have an option to add more textboxes in blogs, profile pages, and profile bios? It's especially hard to write most types of feature-worthy blogs (basically anything but poems) on 3DSi without splitting it into multiple parts, and/or asking someone else to put them together, as the DSi is limited to 2000 characters (more on 3DS?). I have developed a simple JS script that will add more text, but it's difficult to use, cannot be edited afterwards, and doesn't work on bios.

The textboxes would be added with a button, and would stay seperated from other textboxes unless the textboxes were removed. When displayed in publc, it would be as if it was all in one, if you know what I mean.

I'm sure it'd be hard to implement, though." -Banjo
Avatar Asparagus
at 09 Apr 2019 02:01
This a good idea
Avatar Luisjo96
at 08 Apr 2019 21:33
This needs to be a thing yes.
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