Multiples of the same thing
Avatar By TheOatmealRaisinKING
20 Apr 2019 01:06
Category: Bug Report
So this is just a little annoying, but I accepted a friend request today, and when i did, the notifications for that person were in multiples. You could see multiple messages saying Chilling on the home page. And it spammed my notifications to the point where I can't see my other friend notifications. Please help if possible.
Status: Resolved
Avatar TheOatmealRaisinKING
at 21 Apr 2019 23:21
It isn't a problem anymore. Unfortunatly I can't add the person back cause everytime i do it happens.
Avatar Rlad116
at 21 Apr 2019 20:53
Is this still a problem?
Avatar banjo2
at 20 Apr 2019 01:25
I believe that fixes after 24 hours. If it doesn't go away, try re-adding that person.
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