You should make a mini version of the mii studio!
Avatar By TheOatmealRaisinKING
22 Apr 2019 11:05
Category: New Feature
You guys seem to be into miis. And I think that you guys should make a mini mii studio in dsi/3dspaint! You kinda already did this with the savii creator, so I thought it would be super easy to make a mii creator!
Status: Resolved
Avatar banjo2
at 22 Apr 2019 12:51
That's what Saviis are for, yes. As to my knowledge twe have Saviis rather than Miis because Miis are a Nintendo property? Or maybe it's because they wanted something a little different than Miis, so we could have hats/helmets/etc. I think it'd just be too similar and not worth the work.

If you really want a true Mii editor on DS(i), try Tomodachi Collection.
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