can you have event bages
Avatar By aidansocool
31 Aug 2019 10:03
Category: New Feature
can you have event bages like haloween you get a pumking for been on. on at halloween and a new halloween bage each year and a christmas bage and a new year bage.
and it stays on your profile for ever
Status: Open
Avatar aidansocool
at 17 Sep 2019 12:33
Avatar banjo2
at 01 Sep 2019 22:21
Maybe we could also have an image command like /halloween in chats, since /special probably won't be coming back anytime soon.
Avatar aidansocool
at 01 Sep 2019 07:53
it would bee cool with event bages
Avatar Rlad116
at 31 Aug 2019 20:43
I agree with Luis
Avatar Luisjo96
at 31 Aug 2019 16:40
Well, new badges haven't been added in like
A long while
Wouldn't certainly be a bad idea to make new obtainable ones for members who accomplish more things or assist to holidays, it could be a nice way to keep people motivatedddd, who knowss.
Avatar aidansocool
at 31 Aug 2019 10:05
and it says the yaear on the bage like halloween 2019
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