Console Review! Console 1: NES


Avatar HullBreach
24 Dec 2009 12:36
Multiplayer: The NES had limited online in Japan and areas of the USA. In Japan, one could download updates to games onto disk format. In the USA, one could trade stocks and check news.

I'm just curious how old everyone is here to be criticizing the NES.

Remember that it came out in 1985 and blew away everything else. At this time, Atari games had blips and bleeps for sound and huge pixels for graphics. The NES brought with it 2D scrolling and even some pseudo 3D racing games. It supported 4 channel audio, lightgun, dance/running pad, and more.

Sure, there were competitors, but the NES had an 85% market share for a reason. No console has topped that rate since that point.
Avatar Wazup65
21 Dec 2009 14:03
Nachoz wats ur problem?
20 Dec 2009 21:02
Sega, I own every Nintendo console A-Z. Thats right, even Virtual Boy
Avatar SegaBrian
20 Dec 2009 20:47
I cant relate to your opinion of the NES Im sorry I dont agree its way better than you make it sound, The reason your saying the graphics are awful is because you seen Modern consoles.
20 Dec 2009 11:53
Please only comment if you aren't an ass
20 Dec 2009 11:49
And you, Nachoz, can frick off, because you have no friends.
20 Dec 2009 09:01
Yes, but I'm skipping the Atari and stuff because this is where the good stuff started. As for NES haters, there are very few
Avatar smalls
20 Dec 2009 08:09
You do know there were consoles before the NES.

There were NES haters too... The Sega Megadrive.
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