Scribblenauts: Words


Avatar xXRinoaMayXx
21 Dec 2011 11:58
Try 'Ooze' UNSTOPPABLE (excludes fire and fire monsters)
Avatar StuffMan
29 Mar 2010 15:47
Stuff: Same thing as invizibility cloak
Avatar PrinnyMaster
30 Dec 2009 19:01
a flame sword and a grapple
Avatar AgentZ56
21 Dec 2009 12:29
LOL Wut- alternate for omgwut
Rotor Kite- One man helicopter
Keyboard cat- a cat playing a keyboard
Gaf(alt. Neogaf)- A floating ball you can ride. have fun
Post two on seven- a large picture of maxwell on a dinosaur. its a nuke
Ninja shark- a shark. in ninja form
Roc- it flys
wings-fly. for a little while
rocket boots- jump higher than normal
roflcopter- better than a helicopter!
mech- ride in a robot!

I could name a million more but those are some fun ones.
Avatar Reverse
21 Dec 2009 10:47
Giving a mannequin stilts freezes the game.
Avatar Iceeman234
21 Dec 2009 00:25
WeeGee- Plumber :p lol

Avatar ThunderArcher
20 Dec 2009 23:03
Philosiraptor: a super smart raptor with a monocle!

Portal: Random monster pops out

Preacher: INVINCIBLE!!!11!1

Time Machine: Need i say more?

Jeff: Random Programmer

Fifth Cell: 5th Cell logo pops up

Robosaur: Robot dinosaur
Avatar u r pie nt
20 Dec 2009 18:58
bomber: a person/plane that drops bombs
edison:a dinosaur that eats ANYTHING(incuding you!)
hero:as strong as god but it can fly(it is ten times more stupid though)
shock:use this to recharge broken electroics
flame thower:burn things with this tool
rifle:A REALY BIG !#$ GUN(my favorite).
Avatar iamdjk
20 Dec 2009 14:50
Blob - You need 2 or more superheroes to beat him!

Superhero - You need 2 of them or more to beat the blob!
Avatar Catelin
20 Dec 2009 13:29
slime(creature)-insanely hard to kill
spike-very usefull
large steel spike- even more usefull
Avatar SlickShady333
20 Dec 2009 13:15
Jesus: Saves you
Cross: Try using this with Jesus
Micheal Jackson: HEEEE HEEE!!!
Little boy: Try this with Micheal Jackson
Shoop-da-whoop: Fires his lazer at enemy (better than bazooka)
Vegeta: OVER 9000!!!!
Avatar Plasma_Panda
20 Dec 2009 13:13
Necromonicon-A tome that turns any living thing into one of your zombie slaves.
Nosferatu-An almost unbeatable undead vampire-thingy.
Time Machine-Takes you to Pre-History
lolwut-Giant head.
Avatar Reverse
20 Dec 2009 12:54
Manbearpig is from South Park. He is half man, half bear, half pig. I'M SUPER CEREAL, GUYS
20 Dec 2009 12:16
Man Bear Pig, whee did i hear that before?
Avatar Arceus234090
20 Dec 2009 09:36
There's no Chuck Norris! WTH! LOL.
20 Dec 2009 09:04
You forgot Cthulu!
Avatar shineycat
20 Dec 2009 07:17
om nom nom- nom nom nom face
all your base are belong to us-box thingy
lollerskate-roller skates
shrink ray-shrinks everything

secret: type in an enemy and give him a shrink ray. have him shoot you. you are tiny!
20 Dec 2009 05:57
mechanoid(i tink it is) gives you giant robot suit.

cupids arrow--same as mind control device

roflcopter--smaller den helicopter

flying car--smaller again vry handy

nuke--need i say more

portal--trows out random monster

medusa--REALLY strong monster bcause she turns ppl to stone (very useful if you use a mindcontroll device)

pegasus--at times handier than vehicles bcause it can hover and is small but its afraid of fire

ufo--huge but fun (try putting an alien in da ufo den summon a cow)
Avatar Emogotsaone
20 Dec 2009 05:14
@One-Winged Angel
Sorry to say, its not Gthulu but Cthulu.
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