Mt. Hildar - TMJ's MMO Aspect


Avatar asdfghjkl5
09 Oct 2010 03:17
sweet hull
Avatar Tigus1
01 Apr 2010 20:24
Nice job with the demo Hull!
Avatar koolkat
07 Feb 2010 14:14
yea,now the demo is out cuz its feburuary,but when will the whole thing come out?
Avatar darrius
10 Jan 2010 10:22
When will the single player quest be available?
Avatar Cezellen
28 Dec 2009 06:56
um i can already go on it
Avatar linkable
24 Dec 2009 19:02
one question? is there any music XD [that was a stupid question
Avatar lblifes
23 Dec 2009 07:23
im so excited though im going on holidays for 3 weeks on the 28th so ill miss alot.
Avatar Achill3s
22 Dec 2009 16:53
Cant wait, nice job you guys, hold on this "perfect" work
Avatar rOBOTbOB
22 Dec 2009 08:23
When is the full game coming out? (Or when MIGHT it come out?)
Avatar Spyfox72
21 Dec 2009 16:40
AWSOME! i played on the leaked lobby thingy and it was amazing! keep up the good work.
Avatar Lunarwolf
21 Dec 2009 10:55
lolz, OriSiv, Garrys mod reference!!!
Avatar PieBoy
21 Dec 2009 05:14
Gr8 Hull! You da man!
Avatar OriSiv
20 Dec 2009 23:40
Avatar Firestar
20 Dec 2009 20:56
this is so exciting!
Avatar princess Z
20 Dec 2009 20:22
awesum hull!! i can't wait
Avatar monkeyomari
20 Dec 2009 19:11
I.....guess this is gonna be kool,hull,y cant i get another screen name?
Avatar Tricky X
20 Dec 2009 17:39
Cant wait until the demo comes out
Avatar Plasma_Panda
20 Dec 2009 17:38
So, will a user have the ability to Host a realm? And others join? Or is it completely random? I assume friends would like to meet up with certain users.

And will Admins have any power here? I assume chat will also have to be monitered at times.
Avatar MasterShadow
20 Dec 2009 17:37
Sweet,It sounds great.I can't wait till the demo x]
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