Shed Those Extra Holiday Pounds


Avatar S0B0R3D
07 Oct 2011 20:29
<(o_o<) I Say we get all The NOOBS

(>o_o)> and Through them to OLDMAN SKUNK

cuz u know.. the game
Avatar Randompeep
30 May 2011 20:58
Once I burnt 325 calories just by cycling loads of times! >.>
Avatar SKyShAymIN
10 Aug 2010 17:29
Hull XD
Avatar wolfmitchell
30 Jan 2010 10:08
has windows me fit from ME
Avatar SoulSilver
25 Dec 2009 00:18
rofl hull >.< i mean wii fit tho 0.o
Avatar HullBreach
24 Dec 2009 17:49
I just played Wii Fit Plus for about an hour. I was able to burn enough calories to have 2/3 of a glass of egg nog.
Avatar AmAc_OgAiN
24 Dec 2009 12:20
i dont like egg nog
Avatar AmAc_OgAiN
24 Dec 2009 12:19
....i love that game
Avatar HullBreach
24 Dec 2009 12:16
SS - If by "this", you mean egg nog. It's about the price of milk, maybe a little higher. It's worth every penny, too.
Avatar Peacegirl300
24 Dec 2009 09:58
im gettin a wii ...XD cant wait! how muck is the wii fit plus?
24 Dec 2009 09:00
Sadly, this is off the list for me, because the main reason to play video games is to escape any kind of beneficial act to your body
Avatar SoulSilver
23 Dec 2009 22:46
Hmm I see... I want eggnog T_T nobody bought any yet... I was thinking about getting this... Perhaps I will. It's just hard to play wii with a ps3 right in your face 0-0 Whats the price range again?
Avatar Skunkman
23 Dec 2009 21:58
Allegedly, yes.
Avatar HullBreach
23 Dec 2009 21:56
Will it help to shed all that egg nog from my belly?
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