Lost Legends of Christmas


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06 Jan 2010 18:55
hull-thanx-a-bundles!!(yes i know it is after christmas..but hey,i like to procrastinate..i think i spelled tht right...)
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25 Dec 2009 23:53
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25 Dec 2009 06:32
merry cristmass!!!!!1
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25 Dec 2009 05:25
some of these things i didnt know...but noooow i do thankyou have a very merry christmas day.^^
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25 Dec 2009 05:11
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25 Dec 2009 04:24
acrually candy canes came from rocks, dey wer straight. Den dey put a curve in dem like a shepards crock.'dis is for the shepards in da nativity but mostly simbolisis dat jesus is our shepard like the lost sheep parable.

this is what i heard anyway. from a reliable source
Avatar HullBreach
25 Dec 2009 01:50
Here are a few others:

Christmas in December
The exact birth time of Jesus was actually in the spring because of references to lambs and other small animals in the New Testament. Yet, no specific date was ever given, and calendars have been altered so much (lunar, Julian, Gregorian, etc.) in the past 2000ish years that very little is accurate anymore. When Christianity spread through Europe, many pagans converted and carried over traditions. In late December, there were pagan celebrations of the winter solstice, right in the middle of the gloomiest time of year. Many of the converts carried the celebratory traditions with them and adopted December 25th as the time of Christ's birth to make the cold European winter a happy time!

Christmas Presents
This one is much easier to conclude since the origin is Biblical. The shepherds and Magi brought various gifts to Jesus, including frankincense, myrrh, and gold. That spirit of giving carried over to modern day. It's just very commercialized now instead of so much a spiritual symbolism.

Christmas Lights
The twinkling of moonlight through the branches of evergreen trees was said to look like the Star of Bethlehem by Europeans 100s of years ago. When the tree tradition carried over to living rooms, they starting lighting multiple candles to symbolize twinkling light. Once electric bulbs came into existence, they became the safer alternative.

Santa Claus / St. Nicholas
There was a real St. Nicholas several 100 years ago. He worked closely with an orphanage where he would donate gifts to the children every year. He would gather all the gifts he could from local villagers then wrap them. Before cars, a sleigh pulled by reindeer was a great method of transportation over thick snow. After his death, stories evolved into legends. Today, the real St. Nicholas is known as the Patron Saint of Children.

Please excuse any incorrect information in the above historical accounts. I am telling them from memory, and it has been several years on some. They are all interesting stories to look up, nonetheless.
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