Cyberbullying and how to deal with it


Avatar Raisons du Coeur
25 Sep 2012 17:19
Blog number 1776
Avatar Wazup65
24 Jan 2010 15:53
derek- agreed
Avatar koolkat
23 Jan 2010 07:31
i never went on a chatroom yet cuz i have 2 ask 2 chat don't ask me y i have no clue.
Derek Attore2
16 Jan 2010 18:01
wow nachoz is a real top of the line skum jack az
Avatar Wazup65
03 Jan 2010 07:50
U guys wanna know the funniest part about alla this? Instead of attracting people, I attracted most of the bullies who have no life on SDK! Isn't that weiiiiirrrddd?
Avatar Cezellen
28 Dec 2009 06:53
um k.
Avatar Spike116
27 Dec 2009 06:57
I agree with Hero of Chaos, thanks for the laugh.
27 Dec 2009 05:57
I never got bullied, only once in real life but that was all
Avatar Tricky X
27 Dec 2009 00:45
Cyber Bullying It should never happen if you were the bully imagine if it was you in real life but not the bully
Avatar Hero of Chaos
26 Dec 2009 21:32
Thanks for the laugh.
Avatar Franz Kafka
26 Dec 2009 21:15
I haven't
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