DSiTabs 2010


Avatar SlickShady333
28 Dec 2009 21:38
I have a suggestion - WEBS SUCKS!
Avatar EX death
28 Dec 2009 21:31
Avatar Dctr.DSI
27 Dec 2009 14:45

•Add profiles and have a profile picture creator.
27 Dec 2009 10:23
well u dont have to help me just if u get a chance and u feel like helping some one out that would be gr8 ooh and ill advertise ur website
27 Dec 2009 10:11
let me reword that ._. can u help me find the html editor on that website ._. please...oh and can u help me on making a password code cuss i dont know how .-.
27 Dec 2009 09:51
how do u make a website on .co.cc i can never figure out ._. iv bin trying but no luck .-. can u help ill advertise ur website too thanks .-.
Avatar smalls
27 Dec 2009 08:58
Alright, I've made the password limit 15.
Avatar smalls
27 Dec 2009 08:56
Really? Thanks for noticing Hull. ;)
Avatar HullBreach
27 Dec 2009 07:47
Quick bug to point out, Smalls: When one registers, the password is limited to 10 characters, yet that limit is no imposed on login. It caused some confusion for me at first until I noticed the cutoff.
Avatar smalls
26 Dec 2009 22:56

You better have an account on DSiTabs, any account registered on DSiTabs will be able to use the WiiTabs beta. You better join now, I could open the beta tomorrow, tonight, or even next week.
Avatar VampireEdge
26 Dec 2009 22:51
No WiiTabs.....yet?
Avatar smalls
26 Dec 2009 22:35
I'm leaving chatrooms alone, that is what SDK is for.

Jeopardy DSi is coming.

No WiiTabs yet.

Yes Levi, DSiTabspre than just tabs.
Avatar ThunderArcher
26 Dec 2009 21:35
u should add games, like links to games playable on the dsi or possibly even Java Script games?

also chatrooms. tell me if there are i haven't been on in awhile.

also, is there wiitabs? that would be cool
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