Avatar Franz Kafka
28 Dec 2009 11:42
I could hack diz whole site...but i dont cuz i like it
Avatar Hawkerz
27 Dec 2009 19:04
Thats mad!
Avatar HullBreach
27 Dec 2009 18:56
Although I cannot see the encrypted passwords members have, I can compare them to encrypted versions of test values. In doing so, I found that 42 members have "password", "Password", or "password1", as their passwords. Also, 74 members have their usernames as their passwords. Please change them if you are one of those members.
27 Dec 2009 16:10
If you use DSi symbols, how do you log in from your OWN PC?
Avatar Dctr.DSI
27 Dec 2009 14:51
i think it's sad how some people use PASSWORD as their password.That is like your asking for somebody to hack you.
Avatar ThunderArcher
27 Dec 2009 13:53

true, but this site isn't very important like google and wouldn't cause much damage (no offense, hull)
Avatar ThunderArcher
27 Dec 2009 13:51
-use an easy to remember p-word that is hard to figure out
-use these symbols: ֌ѡ→←↑↓「」※〒♭♪^/∞∴
-use random numbers
-alternate uppercase to lowercase
-change it often
-keep non-personal words in it
-make it something that has nothing to do with you or your username

I hope you find these helpful!
Avatar arg410
27 Dec 2009 12:27
mine password is $luckymoney$
Avatar Hawkerz
27 Dec 2009 12:14
As i know,At the moment,It's NOT possible Via DSI.
Avatar MeXeL8
27 Dec 2009 11:20
But how could there be a hacker program on dsi?
27 Dec 2009 10:22
But then i can't login on my computer anymore because the symbols are only for the DSi. Anyways i got lotsa numbers so...
Avatar HullBreach
27 Dec 2009 10:14
Other tips:
-Use long passwords
-Mix letters, numbers, and symbols
-Mix upper and lower case
-Avoid using real words
-Don't use easy to guess numbers
-Don't use names of people or pets
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