Castle of Magic Dsiware


Avatar Computer
28 Dec 2009 17:59
Thanks WHOOSH I didnt know that
28 Dec 2009 17:47
just letting you know u can correct spelling mistakes here in ur blog by going to it im my blogs and clicking post(it doesnt hav 2 be re-accepted), so u dont hav ta "*sp" it, BOT:hhhmmm sounds lik i better not download dis 1 so. . . .only have 500points left so il save dem 4 something good
28 Dec 2009 17:29
Gameplay: 7.5*
28 Dec 2009 16:09
I got it bu i never actually played it :F
Avatar Computer
28 Dec 2009 16:05
TheNintendoZone-it is not a short game and only has 6 levels acually it has 6 WORLDS with 3 levels and a boss in each one nothe to mention there is ANOTHER 5 levels plus a final boss.Pork- yes its very true that its easy and the final boss is pathetic -_-, but it definatly is fun and deserves a bigger gameplay rating then that!
28 Dec 2009 11:21
I have this game. For anyone 13+ it is kinda boring with repetitive platforming, stock enemies, and the difficulty factor is low. The camera feature is cool but it isn't perfect.

Gameplay: 6.5/10

Sound: 5/10

Intuition: 8/10

Overall: 6/10
28 Dec 2009 09:28
Short review, but its a really short game. Only 6 levels? Thats sad but yea the gameplay was kinda fun. And gameloft always makes some cool Camera functions
Avatar Computer
28 Dec 2009 05:43
*once you beat them
Avatar Computer
28 Dec 2009 05:42
*cant get most of the power ups ↑↑
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