THE CONDUIT Weapon Merge Glitch Instructions


Avatar SlickShady333
13 Jan 2010 20:19
I hate glitch battles -_- hate em.. I will only play if it's fair.. hackers, cheaters, glitchers, and -bleep-ers use these easy ways to win cuz they are lazy..and there is no honor in it..... Sorry Arch...
Avatar Arch_Enemy
12 Jan 2010 13:22
I also made this blog cuz I was tired of repeating these instructions to people over and over
Avatar Arch_Enemy
12 Jan 2010 13:20
No Paxton, I like Glitch VS Glitch matches, I LOVE THEM! Battles in Space is the future! (ill be keeping that glitch more low key) but the only thing, i repeat...THE ONLY THING that makes me angry, is infiite health (hack), if your on the other side of a wall, cool, i can get you, if u have increased running speed and your flying all over, Ill peg you with a radiation bomb, but if u CANNOT die, it makes me wanna quit, unless i can make a pact with hackers, which I do often because of my Rank
11 Jan 2010 16:48
Woooh, sounds cool. i got to try this!. . . still a little fuzzy on how to merge but i might get it after reading it a few times
Avatar SlickShady333
11 Jan 2010 16:01
Dude - You're like a Conduit genius. Can you take me in as a disciple? I need a mentor lol
Avatar Arch_Enemy
11 Jan 2010 13:39
Easy Practice would be Explosive Streets, drag Hive gun on stairs within your base, and quickly drag them to the ammo box upstairs by switching between the hive and TPC repeatedly with The "Minus -" button, and making your way to the ammo room!

HAPPY GLITCHING! Feel free to ask questions ↓↓↓↓
Avatar Arch_Enemy
11 Jan 2010 13:35
To REFILL Ammo of a merged weapon, go to the ammo source of the gun that was on ground before glitch..


Machine Gun (ground) + Carbonizer (secondary) = Infinite Carbonizer, never enday ray of death- WARNING - BEWARE - This is a risky weapon, after u create it, click the fire button ONCE and stop, if u hold your Wii is frozen, if stream appears really weak or has stopped, click again

Machine Gun (ground) + TPC (secondary) = Super TPC, Rapid fire TPC! Very Deadly


Another fun thing to do, holding a regular TPC in hand, pressing R on D Pad and shooting at the same time causes a TPC Energy Cell to float harmlessly in Air, U can place as many as you want, decorate your base to look like a stary sky, or place them in peoples faces to make the go "wth :U" lol

This also works when holding an Infinite Carbonizer, it drops glowing blue energy orbs that suck in particles, lay enough of these in an enemy base and u will lag the other team, it cancels weapon merge when done though
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