Command for Non-Admins ONLY! (Idea Submission Thread)


Avatar Jack10
29 Jan 2011 04:29
/(picture of Bill Cosby here) lectures everyone on rocket science.
Avatar KingKori12
25 Jan 2011 06:06
/leave or /out [username]
Avatar Flyguy156
02 Sep 2010 03:38
↓Impossible with the browser!
Avatar Britessx3
30 Aug 2010 02:41
/sounds [we can make people make laughfing nosies if u think something is funny
Avatar PlayerArc
23 Jul 2010 22:03
I like that report command ideal!
Avatar JayTheIdiot
16 Feb 2010 20:47
/report notifys all admins of siad persons name's behavior.
Avatar Arch_Enemy
25 Jan 2010 21:34

I guess HB made a "make your own command" feature instead


Avatar pegasus52497
19 Jan 2010 23:09
I vote for the Jimmy Page one =D
Avatar Matt90765
19 Jan 2010 20:27
/killall= kills all admin/mods in room
Avatar Matt90765
19 Jan 2010 20:25
/killall= kills all admin/mods in room
Avatar ForbiddenNightWalker
18 Jan 2010 22:07
[You] Watches Hullbreach Vs. Skunkman Go At It In One Epic, Arm-Sucking Battle, Where The True Master Comes Out The Victor...*HullbreachIsAwesome*
Avatar PieBoy
18 Jan 2010 21:31
I liked Franz's idea: "/Zeppelin Watches Robert plant(pic of him) Break all admins eardrums with his amazing music."
Avatar shondalle
18 Jan 2010 19:57

Avatar Edude52k
18 Jan 2010 18:50
fireworks that spells out, SDK users rule!
Avatar turtle153
18 Jan 2010 15:14
Using CSS formatting such as blink text, italics, bold, font sizing:
Avatar SuperSliver
18 Jan 2010 10:51
(name) watches Lucario destroys (name) with Aura Storm. ^_^
Avatar Lexicat
18 Jan 2010 10:27
We can put like moving pics in our sentences.Or like maybe we can host games too. Your friend,Lexicat Ps. i would really like banning ppl.
Avatar SenseiMasterZ
18 Jan 2010 10:14
-name- watches -Chuck Norris pic-touch -MC Hammer pic-
Avatar MetalHeart
18 Jan 2010 03:56
gets grabbed by Bowser and gets Kidnapped, While gets kidnapped! 0_0
Avatar Lunarwolf
17 Jan 2010 22:44
OR /Jimmy: watches Daze and Confuze [person's name]
Avatar Magnum
17 Jan 2010 17:23
/mario: (name) watches marios kick (names) ass
Avatar silverforest
17 Jan 2010 15:31
or .../twilight = (name) watches robbert paterson turn bella into a vampire
Avatar silverforest
17 Jan 2010 15:29
/achmed (name) (name) = (name watches achmed say Silence i kill you to (name) ..... ^.^'
Avatar OriSiv
17 Jan 2010 14:06
Avatar tanner
17 Jan 2010 13:25
Avatar Chris12345
17 Jan 2010 12:52
The coolest command i can think of is, THE FORCE. Kids don't try this at home..
Avatar Franz Kafka
17 Jan 2010 12:24
/Zeppelin Watches Robert plant(pic of him) Break all admins eardrums with his amazing music.
Avatar SlickShady333
17 Jan 2010 12:20
How about /slick = Slick is awsome!
Avatar Zodiac
17 Jan 2010 12:08

Avatar Zodiac
17 Jan 2010 12:08
How about /wright .. Zodiac watches the (pic of the wright brother's plsne) crash into [name].
17 Jan 2010 11:06
hey, a ghost shout, kinda like admin alerts, only with grey text color.
Avatar Hstunndabxc
17 Jan 2010 09:29
I think it should be:
/nonadmins= Non-admins rule!
Derek Attore2
17 Jan 2010 09:18
watchs shove rocks up 's
17 Jan 2010 08:58
lol /me watches yell at [Name]
Avatar 12 Magnum
17 Jan 2010 07:26
how bout /pimpslap:____slaps________with pimp money
Avatar PinoyBoy
17 Jan 2010 07:21
Thank you for thinking about the non admins Arch_Enemy!
Avatar Aerostar
17 Jan 2010 07:01
(name) watches Captain Falcon hit (name)with a PAWNCH!
Avatar darrius
17 Jan 2010 06:13
(your name here) watches choop da woop fire his lazer at (their name here)<(^-^)>
Avatar ForbiddenNightWalker
17 Jan 2010 01:37
(You) Watched (person) Watching Chuck Norris Fight Hullbreach, Where The Master, HB, Comes Out The Victor, Revealing The True Awesome One.
Avatar Spyfox72
17 Jan 2010 01:33
I like the MC hammer one
Avatar Arch_Enemy
17 Jan 2010 01:16
Lets let them try for a lil while lol
Avatar Electric
17 Jan 2010 01:13
The evil Lol eats all the admins.
watches MC Hammer breaks it down with all admins.
17 Jan 2010 01:11
*ahem* Does mods count to?
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