Avatar Samurai Bob
02 Jan 2014 04:03
3 Years later..
Avatar RaptorofDoom
25 May 2011 21:53
Do you know of any details about an actual headset for the 3DS? I know it massive wireless capabilities. It has no jack for a wired mic, so a wireless one is what comes to mind.
Avatar Firestar
07 May 2011 23:25
Man i love Conduit!
Avatar Javier
18 Apr 2011 02:16

-I will also get this, but I'll need to get the 3ds first. :S-

Avatar Luisjo96
05 Feb 2011 04:26
i need that game
Avatar danka913
05 Feb 2011 02:16
yep im buying tht game once i get a 3ds.
Avatar danka913
05 Feb 2011 02:15
conduit is a awsome fps on wii so ihope they have a bluetooth to talk to ppl online but i hope the graphics are good too.
Avatar Arch_Enemy
05 Feb 2011 01:11
btw that screen ↓ is actually fake, my bad
Avatar Arch_Enemy
05 Feb 2011 00:25
Update: The game will be shown @ GDC 2011 (next month) Releases in 2012
Avatar Firestar
04 Feb 2011 23:57
this is gonna be Awesome!!
Avatar 007Jesse
04 Feb 2011 06:06
Chat would be awesome on a ds! maybe theyl do it for ac3ds. I hope so
Avatar Gamer44
04 Feb 2011 04:09
OMG Thanks I can't wait!!! The image is here this is going to be SICK!
Avatar Underling
04 Feb 2011 04:05
SWEET! never played Conduit, but FINALLY, a FPS
Avatar Limxzero
04 Feb 2011 02:33
@Arch Enemy Images can't be put in comments. They can be inserted into blogs by using imageurlhere.
Avatar Flyguy156
04 Feb 2011 02:13
Woot! Conduit on 3DS!
Thats going to be awesome.
Avatar IronShadow
04 Feb 2011 00:57
Woo Conduit! Whatever that is XD
Avatar Arch_Enemy
04 Feb 2011 00:47
I know Gleeok its going to be SICK!

Can u post screens in comments? Post it Gleeok! its @ http://www.wiinintendo.net front page, ur on PC
Avatar GleeoK
04 Feb 2011 00:37
why don't you show us the screenshots?
Avatar GleeoK
04 Feb 2011 00:24

Wow! Finally a First Person Shot!!!
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