Badges Finally Explained


Avatar YTliam2671
22 Jun 2019 23:36
thank i could not of found this with out banjo2
Avatar Americanhero999
17 Jan 2019 21:05
Now I know!
Avatar Devilishgirl98
26 Aug 2014 04:57
Thank you this really helped
Avatar coolninja
14 Jun 2014 16:29
thank you for your help
Avatar Icarus
04 Oct 2013 12:29
Are 'awarded' badges a thing yet, or did that never happen? [or am I just blind and don't notice them?]
Avatar Elmeria
18 Oct 2012 20:38
I know, right?
Avatar XxDakotaxX
10 Oct 2012 21:24
Quoth Elmeria:
You should make a counter that tells you how much 'items' you need until you can get your next badge/level of badge, you should put it in the badgespot and enable users to hide or show that.

That would be really cool. It would be way easier to keep track of everything. I mean...I would like it.
Avatar Elmeria
02 Sep 2012 11:41
You should make a counter that tells you how much 'items' you need until you can get your next badge/level of badge, you should put it in the badgespot and enable users to hide or show that.
Avatar LikeAnAthlete
07 Mar 2013 04:28
In reply to Elmeria
not trying to be rude or anything but its how many not how much
Avatar IHeartDaleks
08 Jun 2013 14:18
In reply to LikeAnAthlete
Not trying to be rude, but capitalize the 'n' in not, put a comma after 'anything', 'its' is refering to 'it is', so that needs an apostrophe, and a period at the end. Don't point out other people's grammar mistakes if you yourself, in fact, have grammar errors.
Avatar FancyPants
15 Jun 2013 00:46
In reply to IHeartDaleks
Oh snap.
Avatar youtubeman86
21 Aug 2012 13:07
Avatar Taylorfanrumble
24 May 2012 21:23
You should make a group badge, for how many groups you're in [suggestion] o3o
Avatar KingofDarkness
11 Mar 2012 14:56
I still can't get the yortzee one... only one i'm missing too
03 Mar 2012 11:20
i surpassed 500 points in wak-a-skunk but did not get my badge. What is happening?
Avatar marioman192
29 Feb 2012 22:07
socialist should have to do with the chatroom
Avatar marioman192
28 Feb 2012 04:15
thank you. this helped me.
you should make courier messages sent without not deleted.
Avatar jsa005
21 Jan 2012 12:41
I've reached overlord status on one of my OverlorDS characters, and the badge isn't showing...
Avatar DarkGhost
24 Dec 2011 18:42
Yortzee impossible

No not really
Avatar Raisons du Coeur
17 Nov 2011 03:05
I scored 912 on minco says but I didn't get the badge. Has there been a change?
Avatar KanZee
08 Nov 2011 08:11
thx for the info
25 Oct 2011 22:30
*Yortzee is impossible*
Avatar KatyKat
17 Jun 2013 14:58
In reply to IKONIK
i have it.
25 Oct 2011 22:29
Yortzee impossible
Avatar sapphire21
13 Oct 2011 14:58
How do you play yortzee
Avatar 3raser
06 Oct 2011 20:22
This helped a lot!
Avatar Limxzero
05 Sep 2011 22:47
@antmin101 Look at the bottom of your profile's badge area.
Avatar Marluxia
05 Sep 2011 18:21
Avatar antmin101
28 Aug 2011 13:23
is there going to be any more badges and plz stop the hacking and stuff on the games
Avatar janessarules2
27 Aug 2011 19:22
thanks for explaining these badges
Avatar Lost Soul
21 Jul 2011 12:26
People shouldn't be crying about how you need 10000 messages and 1000 blogs. Getting a gold star for a badge is supposed to be extremely difficult and a great accomplishment.
Avatar mariosmariou500
13 Jul 2011 19:21
Avatar Limxzero
06 Jul 2011 20:30
@Landy6267 Nope, that was just a rumor. It only has to be done once.
Avatar TacoRocco
19 Jun 2011 19:33
i finally have a variation of each of the listed badges >:] wak-a-skunk was the hardest for me
Avatar Sprite
17 Jun 2011 20:59
So if I wan't to get a gold star courier, I need to leave 10000 read messages in my inbox, wow that's a lot.
Avatar Spector2ifi
14 Jun 2011 19:58
Wak-a-skunk is easy and The courier badge isn't working (I have over 250 messages)
Avatar Jack10
09 Jun 2011 17:00
Avatar marios500
08 Jun 2011 06:35
Avatar Skittles
22 May 2011 17:15
@deathboy619 No, over 9000....
Avatar BalloonCat
22 May 2011 09:20
I`m seriously missing knowing how many paints I have.... bring it backkk </3
Avatar Jeli700
10 May 2011 00:12
Thanx hull it really helped*∴
Avatar MancarCamoran
03 May 2011 15:09
anymore badges yet?
Avatar Jeli700
26 Apr 2011 16:32
I delete my messeges everyday uggh/
Avatar KingofDarkness
24 Apr 2011 03:36
Are the wak-a-skunk badges still down?
respond on my profile please
Avatar Attacman77
18 Apr 2011 10:59
516 points in Wak-A-Skunk and no badge. -.-'
Avatar angx12345
10 Apr 2011 13:16
thank you
Avatar ArmyAnt
06 Apr 2011 20:26
so u have to send 550 messages to sum1 and hope he keeps them? stupid.
Avatar The Ram
05 Apr 2011 18:51
I've noticed, my Courier Badge keeps fluctuating it's Level between 3 and 4. This is only happening because my recipients *cougcough* keep deleting the messages after reading. Bear that in mind.
Avatar ArmyAnt
04 Apr 2011 21:51
a friend said courier is 4 the number of the sent mesages....
Avatar ArmyAnt
03 Apr 2011 19:45
Limxzero- yes, same with me. i have like 55 read messages and not deleted but still no badge
Avatar ArmyAnt
31 Mar 2011 23:12
539 points in wak-a-skunk... badge? NO! HB, please fix this bug
Avatar BalloonCat
28 Mar 2011 18:35
Yeah, don`t you think the Awesome Artist badge is a little... high up there? I`ve barely got 260...
Avatar Landy6267
28 Mar 2011 04:58
Do you have to play a game 10 times to have the badge?
Avatar Skittles
25 Mar 2011 21:48
@lim There definitely seems to be with me. :/
Avatar ArmyAnt
23 Mar 2011 20:28
wait.. it may be my counting... but i didnt got level 3 artist when i reached 25 paintings
Avatar Limxzero
23 Mar 2011 18:36
I think there might be an error with calculation of the Courier badge.
Avatar ArmyAnt
22 Mar 2011 23:24
i like badges, poster would be easy.but courier is little too much
Avatar JOJO553322
20 Mar 2011 02:15
Avatar Limxzero
18 Mar 2011 21:58
@ArmyAnt There are only badges for the games that HullBreach has created. Snack Time and Tap Party were made by another user.
Avatar Skittles
18 Mar 2011 21:10
I got 593 in Wak-a-Skunk forever go and I still got the badge. o.o
17 Mar 2011 21:49
well done ty
Avatar ArmyAnt
17 Mar 2011 20:55
there's also a tap party badge o-o didnt get it i got like over 9000
Avatar Limxzero
17 Mar 2011 00:38
The game badges seem to be out of order for the time being.
Avatar DIONN1993
14 Mar 2011 02:44
lie i got 114 mail sent to me read/ undeleted i dont have 5 stars.
Avatar KingofDarkness
11 Mar 2011 14:02
I can'tget my Wak-a-Skunk badge... I've gotten a score of over 500 twice, and still no badge
09 Mar 2011 04:11
I agree with rocket, we need to see our stats.
Avatar M.J kInG
07 Mar 2011 18:50
Avatar Dinosaur
07 Mar 2011 15:31
I made 19 blogs already but why am I still a casual author?
Avatar Star Shadow
07 Mar 2011 06:48
I've reached the overlords status in OverlorDS and no badge?
Avatar AOD Productions
07 Mar 2011 05:45
You have to have over 500 points in Minco says to get the badge now.
Avatar Luisjo96
07 Mar 2011 05:06
i'm never going to have a courier badge i always delete my messages D:
Avatar Luisjo96
07 Mar 2011 05:03
Avatar Biphenyl
07 Mar 2011 01:55
Thanks for the info.
Avatar Star Shadow
06 Mar 2011 17:59
Same thing happened. 412 points and no badge.
Avatar KingofDarkness
06 Mar 2011 13:31
I love the badges!
Avatar ScreamoPichu.
06 Mar 2011 06:27
Fail. Just fail. Two months ago, DSiPaint was amazing. I was like, "Cool I dunno if this site can get any cooler". Now, you're really working to hard to find new features. And they're making this site worse and worse.
Avatar bobknows
06 Mar 2011 04:10
D: i always delete my messages
why do you have to not delete them?
it would take hors to load a page with 10,000 links
Avatar eddypikachu
05 Mar 2011 23:13
Avatar The Ram
05 Mar 2011 21:52
I've no problem with achieving Courier, if anything, I'm surprised I didn't have that many. I rarely delete any mail.[even HD & SaviiBot messages.]
Avatar MetalHeart
05 Mar 2011 17:53
Nice, what I've noticed, is that the game badges attracted more people to play the games. That's what happened to me.
Avatar GleeoK
05 Mar 2011 16:52
300 blogs and 300 paints would fot better...honestly.

And 5,000 emails would fit good as well.

But as Star Shadow stated i miss having how many posts/paints etc i have...because i can keep the track of it..
Avatar 179cp179
05 Mar 2011 15:55
super good work Dany
Avatar Star Shadow
05 Mar 2011 07:31
Don't forget to add the numbers of post or the progress we made in our badges. It's hard to keep track without it.
Avatar Skittles
05 Mar 2011 04:54
Like others have said, 1000 blogs and 10000 messages are too high, especially for users like me who like to keep the quality of their blogs high.
Avatar Skittles
05 Mar 2011 04:39
VERY sweet.
Avatar GleeoK
05 Mar 2011 04:27
HB....I made 506 points on Wak-a-Skunk and i didn't get the badge D:
Avatar The Ram
05 Mar 2011 04:20
I don't slack with Blog Quality, so, I'm not going for the Gold Star-Author. I've already surpassed Socialite.
I fear some spam, as Lim put below.
Avatar Landy6267
05 Mar 2011 03:49
I write blogs about my days in school, so 1000 won't be that hard to reach.
Avatar Astra Moon
05 Mar 2011 03:41
My goal: reach 1,000 blogs.
Avatar MysticalZoey
05 Mar 2011 03:23
Bill Cosby likes.
Avatar GleeoK
05 Mar 2011 03:07
I failed hard when i said 2012 (1) lol, it was supposed to be (3).

But i hope HB sees it...it would be really perfect.

I just hope we don't see any admins conspirating and giving badges away to friends or users in exchange of stuff ...
Avatar AOD Productions
05 Mar 2011 03:06
Agreed, 1000 seems to be to much for the blogs and paintings. I put waayyy to much work into one blog, I would probably never get to 1000.
Avatar GleeoK
05 Mar 2011 03:04
1000 Blogs!


If there is someone that can do it first this will be me <3

*blog* *blog* *blog* *blog* *blog* *blog*

Btw almost getting 1000 comments .-.

And 10,000 emails is insanely high but i can do it i guess!

1000 paintings is crazy....

100 spriters is fine.

I wonder what Stylist and Gluer will be for.....

Admin badges will be awesome,

Hull please note

Month badges could be by year, like "Member of the Month 2011(2)-2012(3)..etc.." and so on earning stars for it...until it reaches gold, but stick with the (3) times.. (4) times by year.

Like this:

Lets suppose Hullbreach got the member of the month badge twice in 2011 and 3 times in 2012, it will show like this:

Member Of the Month 2011(2) - 2012 (1)

I guess the member of the month badge should be awarded only by Overlords, and member of the year also! With a similar star level but harder to get of course, like

Member of the year (2011-2012-2013..etc)

These 2 super rare special badges could have a link leading the "clicker" to a page where he can see the reason written by the awarder of why he/she got the badge on that month/year, like an honor note.

Please take in consideration, this would be beautiful to see.
Avatar Limxzero
05 Mar 2011 02:59
Cue spam.

Seriously though, great info. Everyone's been taking stabs in the dark about the badges. But now that people know the figures, we can expect that the mods will have a lot of work on their hands. My backlog of blogs has got to be a page long.
Avatar Waffle King
05 Mar 2011 02:47
1000? Sure, I have enough ideas to write that many. I'm full of ideas. But can my fingers last that long? I doubt it.
Avatar Vermillion
05 Mar 2011 02:44
05 Mar 2011 01:56
Awesome Danny!! first comment!
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