Metroid Prime Trilogy Review


Avatar drew25
13 Jun 2011 15:25
the best 1 is two
Avatar AOD Productions
12 Jun 2011 07:03
Awesome review, and the Metroid Prime series is epic!
Avatar EpicArtifex
11 Jun 2011 21:53
I have that. I was one of the first 500 to order, and so I got a voucher for the original metroid game in VC.
Avatar Skittles
11 Jun 2011 19:05
Be warned, as the production of the Trilogy disc stopped some time ago I believe, so you're probably going to have to buy this game online.
Avatar DeafDood
11 Jun 2011 17:17
Great job!!! I'm a huge fan of Metroid.
Avatar GenoSlash
11 Jun 2011 15:23
I already have a copy!

I beat MP3 (LOL) and I'm working on 1 and 2.
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