Information Safeguarding


Avatar HullBreach
16 Jun 2011 14:45
I've perma-banned around 6 alts this scanner made and reported the phishing website to the FBI. I'm sick of these people stealing identities, so I plan to keep using the full force of the law against them.

For newer members, these are the websites I control which have shared accounts:


I do own more domains (like saviis.com, dsoperasdk.com, etc.), but they all forward to the main websites.
Avatar DeafDood
15 Jun 2011 21:16
That is so true. Thank you for saving my life. So glad no one has never hacked in my account. Thumbs up!
Avatar Skittles
15 Jun 2011 19:21
@DaChosenUno MADNESS you say....[insert meme here]
Avatar DaChosenUno
15 Jun 2011 19:20
great job! we must stop this MADNESS!
Avatar JStunn
15 Jun 2011 19:18
*sigh of relief*...Thank goodness my account wasn't hacked.
Avatar Jack10
15 Jun 2011 17:20
I heard about this! There were at least 11 users that this happened to in the last three days.
Avatar The Ram
15 Jun 2011 16:25
@Chuck: A fly could've avoided them.

Yes, I've heard a lot about this. At first, I thought it was must an excuse to be unperma'd, since only 5-day members were complaining.

Common Sense is lacking.
15 Jun 2011 15:12
That URL has been reported and shut down.
Unless the subdomain is dsipaint, 3dspaint, or any one of Danny's domains, DO NOT put your dsipaint login info.
You really had to have been a retard to fall for this, but still. Watch out for these tricks, and report them to an admin EVEN AT THE SMALLEST SUSPICION!! It's better to be safe than sorry.
Avatar ShaDowTecH
15 Jun 2011 05:52
my friend dark fate was hacked late last night...along with this fox person...im certain ths is the source, and if this helps- code10110 and hayley00 were advertisting it on twitter. nuff' said.
Avatar Skittles
15 Jun 2011 05:48
@ShadowTech Oh I was certain that that was the case. It obviously just logs their account information into a database for the owner to peruse when he wants.
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