Games of Legend--Super Mario Bros. UPDATED


Avatar BeckieBird
27 Jun 2011 17:58
I have a working NES and like 20 some games. Did you know Super mario bros 2 wasn't meant to be that? The game was first made but since there was little popularity they renamed it that and added the charectars o-o You should do contra or metroid. Those are good classics. Or the boxing one..The one witth the fat dude with a crown? :p
Avatar The Ram
26 Jun 2011 06:58
@Link: Contra got FAR farther than Cult, my friend.

Yes, indeedy-doo, Skittles. *suggests noobishly that you should do Bionic Commando, as it boasted some detailed[at the time] textures, sprites, controls, and items. o3o*
Avatar link284
25 Jun 2011 21:07
do contra, it has developed a cult
Avatar Skittles
25 Jun 2011 19:04
@TheRam I know right? xD
Avatar The Ram
25 Jun 2011 19:02
It's funny how people read the Blog, then comment something stupid or asking for something that you specifically stated will NOT appear in your nest Blog. o3o
Avatar Tora.Silver
25 Jun 2011 02:11
I always thought that Peach was either Toadstool's first name, or a completely different person, like Pauline.
I'm going to go around NYC wearing a sandwich board of Mario so we can beat that circular jerk.
Avatar GenoSlash
25 Jun 2011 00:59

Avatar Skittles
24 Jun 2011 20:37
@craig I know what they're called.
Avatar Skittles
24 Jun 2011 20:32
I'm not doing these blogs over a series of games guys.
As I said in the first paragraph, I'm doing it over "those influential, memorable, and amazing (technically subjective) games that have become legends and or developed cult followings (Mother 3 says "Hi.") "
Avatar link284
24 Jun 2011 20:03
you should do the contra series
p.s. my family still has a working nes and the 3 games we still have is this one smb3(super mario bros3) and super c(contra2)
Avatar Sprite
24 Jun 2011 19:31
Drew has 8 out of the 19 comments before this one lol.
But great blog.
Avatar PinoyBest13
24 Jun 2011 19:13
The LoZ Series should be a good one!
Avatar The Ram
24 Jun 2011 16:48
Damn you, Pizza Slice. Oh well...

I'm gonna have to buy this for my FamiClone...
Avatar Skittles
24 Jun 2011 16:24
@Ram When last heard, Pac-Man is just edging of Mario by 1 or 2%.
Avatar Azure09
24 Jun 2011 16:21
Very good blog Skittles!
Avatar Fernando
24 Jun 2011 16:14
I remember the minus world.
Avatar The Ram
24 Jun 2011 16:10
Drew, you've just raped his Alerts. Badly...

*tearing up*... Such a beautiful Blog, and that game... Amazing. This is a fine Blog, my good Rainbow Sir.

Say, who's the most recognized video game character of all time now?[Link?!]
Avatar Jack10
24 Jun 2011 13:49
Avatar drew25
24 Jun 2011 13:44
ok.hurry up and add me, cus i wanna ask you a question.
Avatar Skittles
24 Jun 2011 13:42
Sorry, but no thanks.
Avatar drew25
24 Jun 2011 13:41
PRETTY PLEASE?ill give you my barack obama savii and 25 points!ps:really great job on the blog.pps:go ahead and add me so i can stop commenting on the blog.
Avatar Skittles
24 Jun 2011 13:38
I'm making the poll.
Avatar JStunn
24 Jun 2011 13:38

Very good blog. *claps*
Avatar drew25
24 Jun 2011 13:37
no worrys man.well, CAN i do the poll, PLEASE?
Avatar drew25
24 Jun 2011 13:36
i can make the poll for you to, if you want.i have spare time.
Avatar drew25
24 Jun 2011 13:35
ok.hey, add me(so i can mail you stuff), and on your future bogs, i can go get the pictures for you!wadya say?
Avatar Skittles
24 Jun 2011 13:33
I don't like to use more pictures than I feel are necessary, which I didn't feel one for that was.
Avatar drew25
24 Jun 2011 13:32
but, you could get a screenshot of it!
Avatar drew25
24 Jun 2011 13:31
Dude, do these games soon.1:the legend of zelda.
3:super metroid
those are GREAT games,if you get a chance to, play them!(go to http://nescafe.com to plaay all nes games.
Avatar Skittles
24 Jun 2011 13:30
@Drew25 I didn't forget it. I alluded to it when I said "with no more than 10 lines of dialogue..." which is a reference to Toad saying:
Avatar drew25
24 Jun 2011 13:27
ah, warpzone.AGH!YOU FORGET THE TOAD SAYING"thank you for saving us mario!but our princess is in another castle!".DUDE?why would you forget it?
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