Current Issues In the SDK Community


Avatar Limxzero
29 Jun 2011 21:41
That awkward moment when Limxzero reads the blog. :)

Avatar Skittles
28 Jun 2011 03:34
@teh If I was going to rant, I would have categorized it as such. I was simply espousing some problems cropping up here.
Avatar tehjew1
28 Jun 2011 02:57
Instead about whining about all day, how about we take action? Comment on th spammer's profile suggesting that they don't spam. Or the more funnier way, mail them the Rules and Regualtions thread. We can't just keep ranting about this. It won't change unless we change.
Avatar Tora.Silver
28 Jun 2011 02:35
Emblem- Not reading the blog's body OR comments, and STILL voting down? Tsk.
He said that Lim frequently uses the BB's, so he knows what he means. That was explained only five comments down.
Avatar Emblem
28 Jun 2011 01:21
(-1) Lim doesn't spam--he just writes long and detailed.
Avatar Jack10
27 Jun 2011 21:41
Agreed, completely.
Avatar The Ram
27 Jun 2011 21:13
@Ici: -.-... he said, that Limxzero is a frequent user of the BBs, and that he's the one somewhat agitated with it. I personally don't have a pole up my ass about such a tiny issue, but I do see his point. I still frown upon spamming, though.

I tend to enjoy starting the Rant-Wave.

And thank you for that final word on the Reviews. Perspective is key, as you said. It's like comparing Metroid for NES to Halo: Reach. -.-

Great Blog.
Avatar Skittles
27 Jun 2011 18:48
@Iciownu I have no idea what you're reading. All I said was Limxzero is a frequent Bulletin Board user, considering he has the highest post count on the site. Read before down-voting someone's blog please.
Avatar Sprite
27 Jun 2011 18:00
Agreed. +1
Avatar Syed75
27 Jun 2011 17:35
+1 Nice blog, and I agree.
Avatar Skittles
27 Jun 2011 16:58
Hm, I thought that I saved this as a draft.
Oh well.
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