Games of Legend: The Legend of Zelda


Avatar Skittles
19 Nov 2011 07:47
Quoth redash:
nice one ==[[:::::::::::::>

Avatar redash
19 Nov 2011 05:14
nice one ==[[:::::::::::::>
Avatar PeytonNicole13
27 Sep 2011 19:57
Very nice! This is way better than my blog! (:
Avatar Sprite
22 Sep 2011 03:38
I hadn't gotten to read this untill as of now and very enjoyable to read. This also makes me want to go and play it. However, since I don't got the game still, this is where VirtualNES comes to good use. Lol
Avatar Darmani Link
20 Sep 2011 08:48
Zelda = Win
Avatar Skittles
27 Jul 2011 06:55
xD Ram.
Avatar The Ram
27 Jul 2011 03:55
Yes, "ExposŤ" fits it better. I need to update my vocabulary, excuse me. *smacks self with pocket dictionary* All better!
Avatar Skittles
27 Jul 2011 01:16
Thanks guys.

Also, I'm trying to make these less like a review more of an exposť.
Avatar Mr Gurgles
27 Jul 2011 00:07
i might give this game another go (i could never find the second dungeon)
Avatar The Ram
27 Jul 2011 00:07
Great review, I loved the video you attached, but I still prefer the original. oFTo

Anyway, great review... Hope to see another installment!
Avatar EpicArtifex
26 Jul 2011 21:11
It's not massive, but it's lengthy enough.
Avatar Unknown Crazyman
26 Jul 2011 20:52
XD its a secret to everybody.
Avatar Skittles
26 Jul 2011 19:38
@Takis xD It isn't that long.
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