PHP Tutorial: A Simple Banning System Part 2


Avatar Chanishyy
15 Feb 2012 14:34
Hmm good tour let me test if it works!
Avatar firemade123
26 Jan 2012 02:44
You should make it a zip file
Avatar jsa005
21 Nov 2011 15:52
Good system!
Avatar M.J kInG
25 Aug 2011 15:15
Good tour like the way you use Java Script function.
Avatar victimtimizr21
23 Aug 2011 22:03
all i see are letters and charecters xD, i dont see why i got banned for blanking out the cussword and someone but the same cuss word on my profile unblurred and the didn't get banned, please comment on my profile, i feel dumbxD
Avatar 11Drago
23 Aug 2011 21:55
Cool.I needed this.

Yeah it's pretty long.
Avatar Skittles
23 Aug 2011 19:50
Man this is longer than I thought. I should have split it into 3 parts...
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